Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Invitation to Recollect on Summer's End

Autumn is the season that brings a sense of and here it is October. Last week, I invited slicers to join me at my Destination: Summer's End Padlet, the digital container for artistic expressions on the end-of-summer and the transition to autumn. Since then, the following slicers added their offering. Margaret Simon submitted three of her students' work and Bob Hamera (arjeha) uploaded his image poem. Molly Hogan will add her work to the padlet soon. 

The invitation continues with this short blurb.

If interested, please add an artistic expression, an image poem, an inspirational quote, a drawing, or a nature photograph to my Destination: Summer's End Padlet. Student work is accepted as well. I plan to showcase a variety of adult and children's poems in a gallery format. My padlet will let me know when a new end-of-summer creation is added. Each offering will be greeted with joyful thanks.


Now, I join Two Writing Teachers for the Tuesday Slice of Life with gratitude to the slicers who shared their image poems at the Destination: Summer's End Padlet.


  1. Carol, as always, your pallet offers a source of inspiration and is filled with the beauty of the season. Thank you for adding my poem.

    1. Bob, I do like the repeating phrase, "I sit and watch" in this persona poem. It shows a slow down movement reflecting the changes from summer to the autumn season that is a new perspective from the other poems on the padlet. Thanks for playing along.