Wednesday, November 23, 2022

With Gratitude

The week before Thanksgiving is a time of merriment, remembrance, and special thanks for what we have. There is always a busy hum throughout the house during this time period. Pans clank, cabinets displaying fine china and linens open and close, and groceries are transported from the car to the kitchen. Decorations are set in place. China turkeys filled with artificial flowers adorn the front foyer and buffet and LED candles provide low light. There are no more traces of Halloween and some small fall decorations are stored away. Herbs from the garden have been brought inside and dried for the stuffing. The kitchen becomes a mini-version of Grand Central Station with people coming and going as preparations begin for the upcoming feast. 

As I look around, I see items from my childhood displayed linking the past with the present. The kitchen looks a bit topsy-turvy because three sets of hands are active. The aroma of sweet baked items is present.  A distinctive atmosphere of gratitude flows throughout the house


The busyness of the day before Thanksgiving does not distract me from pensive thinking. I pause to remember those who came before and prepared a feast of enticing and delicious selections. I am grateful for those in the family who continue the traditions. Thanksgiving is a day of thanks that provides time to appreciate one another and the gifts bestowed on our family and friends. 

Prepare the stuffing.
Bake another pie. This one will be a new one, chocolate pecan pie with bourbon.
Pack all my offerings for Thanksgiving at my daughter and son-in-law's house.

homemade harvest treat
fresh pumpkin and chocolate
grateful thanksgiving
©CV, 2022

What's left for you to do before the feast begins?

Since I fell asleep before finishing my Slice of Life for Two Writing Teachers, I send it out now to thank my slicer friends for their weekly writing.


  1. Carol, as we prepare our stuffing we always think about all of the people throughout the country doing the exact same thing. This year it will just be me, Kathy, and our three beasties celebrating. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. That is an excellent thought, Bob. I wish you and Kathy a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I tend to be a late-in-the-day-slicer, too, so I get falling asleep before posting. I'm glad you did post! The warmth of your Thanksgiving preparations shine through in this slice.

    1. Amy, I really wanted to share my thoughts on gratitude so I am glad that I did. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.