Monday, October 26, 2020

October's Transition

Because nature has brought a sense of peace to troubled times this season, I am grateful. October, the high point of autumn, paves the golden path for November to usher in a slower pace with thankful thoughts. For this transition, I have created my first pantoum.

A pantoum is a poem of any length, composed of four-line stanzas in which the second and fourth lines of each stanza serve as the first and third lines of the next stanza. The last line of a pantoum is often the same as the first. 

October's Transition

October ends its stay with slipsliding stride.
Crunching rustling leaves.
Spreading multicolored layers thin.
Preparing a way for more crispcool times.

Crunching rustling leaves,
October's evening blush dims,
Spreading multicolored layers thin
as enchanted evening dreams begin

October's evening blush dims
into a speckled indigo sky.
As enchanted evening dreams begin,
nature golddusts earth with thankful sighs.

Into a speckled indigo sky
November sweeps through like a feather duster
as enchanted evening dreams begin
flowing through crispclean air.

November sweeps through like a feather duster
refreshing late autumn's terrain.
Flowing through crispclean air,
October ends its stay with slipsliding stride.
©CV, 2020


turns into November thanks
Autumn walks in beauty on days
of lustrous hues, muted skies, and
earth bedecked in dazzling jewels.
©CV, 2020


To add a more gratitude for a season of grandeur, I honor the work of fellow slicers who write alongside me for my Abundant Autumn Global Gallery of Artistic Expressions.

Pandemic Getaway

on pandemic
woes as it invites
travelers to peaceful
shores filled with wishwells of joy.
Pause to bask in nature's grandeur
during getaways that provide rest
from the stresses of a compromised world. 
©CV, 2020, etheree

May October's beauty transition joyfully
into November's crispcool settling time.


I am sending this Slice of Life to Two Writing Teachers.

Thank you to the following slicers for offering your artistic expressions on the Abundant Autumn Gallery of Artistic Expressions, Slicers' Edition.
Terje Akke
Ramona Behnke
Fran Haley
Bob Hamera
Kevin Hodgson
Molly Hogan
Margaret Simon

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Haunted House Poemtober Journey

Join me for a strange Poemtober journey enroute to Halloween. Just stay a short time for a poetic diversion into the bizarre world of seasonal decorations. 

All it takes is one ticket and a few moments to enter a world of bloodcurdling howling and ghoulish fright with a cast of strange characters.
welcome to my world's
cemetery of dread-
enter at your risk
©CV, 2020
how dare you wake me
from a peaceful resting place-
day shift starts now
©CV, 2020
creepy clown sightings
rise from haunted spaces-
free hugz for all
©CV, 2020
trading toad, werewolf
bones for carnevil horror-
weird farmers market
©CV, 2020
ready for today's
decapitated offerings-
no tricks just treats
©CV, 2020
bloodcurdling howl from 
age-old decompositions-
tale as old as time
©CV, 2020
time to journey on
dear child, dreaded darkness nears-
sweet dreams yet to come
©CV, 2020
Listen to "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics
monsters are out tonight
rushing from their tombs
bony bodies full of fright
crushing autumn blooms.
©CV, 2020

Thank you for taking a haunted house tour through my neighborhood. 
Sleep well. Monsters are only figments of our imaginations. 

Halloween 2020 may not take on the same outdoor fun of years past BUT
this virtual Haunted House Journey will provide a new normal experience.

I'm off on my virtual broom to fly into the Poetry Friday Roundup at Jama's Alphabet Soup Jama Rattigan, the ultimate hostess, always serves edible and non-edible treats of poetic goodness.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Poemtober's Blackdraped Evening

During October, when the leaves are tinted with golddust and autumn air is crispclean, the creation of a Poemtober experience becomes a therapeutic, poetic diversion from heaviness hovering over the world. Thanks to my Florida poet-friend, Rebecca Herzog, who originated the Poemtober word list, I offer a seasonal collection of poetry. Inspired by outside decorations found in my Long Island neighborhood, I have gathered a plethora of visual prompts.

Below you will find an eerie-looking gathering of spectral sights that sway under an October blackdraped evening. To enhance the scene and create an illuminated sight, I digitized the original photo. Then, I crafted a septercet poem, a form created by poet Jane Yolen with a pattern of seven syllables in three-line stanzas. 

 "I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey."

  The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Welcome to a Blackdraped Evening Celebration

Specters' Chant

"Trick or treat," we sing tonight
as night sounds cause howling fright
and specters rise from their rest.

Illuminated in white,
hands join in a spooky fest,
calling spirits from the tomb.

Under a blackdraped, night sky
hums of ancient doom and gloom
cause neighbors' woeful outcry.

"Shed your flowing white costume
Return to your earthen bed,
the cemetery of dread."
©CV, 2020


Because life is full of fears these days, I saw this amazing outdoor decoration and knew exactly what I wanted to create. My etheree is a call to action, do not enter the fear zone! Face fears that haunt your waking hours.

Do not let
them enter your
home but face your fears.
They play tricks, ghoulishly
cause weeping, and entomb the
living in a virtual crypt
of trembling trepidation causing
bonechilling frustration and disruption.
©CV, 2020


From one year to the next Poemtober offer opportunities to revisit thoughts and happenings, and create stories, stitches of memories sewn together. For now, join me for Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers and keep writing. It's National Day on Writing.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Introducing Poemtober

 Stories are stitches of memories sewn together.

List created by Rebecca Herzog
"I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.”

Please take a walk with me to view the enchanting, macabre, and bizarre front-yard decorations in my neighborhood. Displays entice me to create a #Poemtober collection of artistic expressions alongside my poet friend Rebecca Herzog with her prompt words. What I share in images each week may bring you to a state of delight or have you gawking in disbelief or shock.

I'll start by sharing my thinking on how to begin a Poemtober collection this year. Not only will I choose a word to prompt my thinking but I will pair it with a front yard decoration dressed in a seasonal look and perhaps digitize it to create a story of stitched memories.

Below you will find my first Poemtober sequence prompted by the word enchanting. While there are many Halloweenish displays going up around the neighborhood, I thought the word enchanting would be a great place to start. The word enchanting allows me to weave the boldness and vibrancy of the autumn season into poem.

One evening during a walk, I noticed the darkening colors of night surrounding the neighborhood houses. Trees were lurking in shadows as the sky opened to a speckling of stars. The title, October's Blackdraped Evening, came into being by pressing the words black and draped together to create a mood. Irene Latham does suggest this tip in her latest publication, This Poem Is A Nest. I took Irene's advice a step further and wrote my own next poem as the source text for nestlings, small poems originating from the nest poem.

Autumn whispers in the wind as evening
cozily closes under a blackdraped sky. 
Cricket sounds sing in tune with 
each other and rich-colored leaves
slip and slide across concrete walks
and roadways. Some, wet with afternoon
rain, wait for passersby to pick up
one or two for decorations.
Grey squirrels scamper 
in delight wondering where acorns
are stashed without noticing them
along the roadway. A few dogs proudly
lead their humans, bedazzled with 
masks, to greet fellow canines.
October's evening blush lingers as stars
speckle in an indigo sky and
enchanted eventide wishes
flow through crispclean air.
©CV, 2020

The nest poem is based on Using Irene Latham's book, This Poem Is A Nest, as the mentor text, I created my own nest and nestling poems. 


Wind whispers under stars.
October's leaves greet evening.
Enchanted delight
crispclean autumn!
Autumn rain, scamper!
Wondering! Noticing!
Along roadway, evening lingers.
Stars speckle sky.
Enchanted wishes flow!
autumn leaves scamper
noticing October's stars-
enchanted flow
wind cozily slides
in delight
where acorns greet
evening sky
©CV, 2020


Stay tuned for the next installment of Poemtober.
It will not be for the faint of heart.


Now, it is time for me to join the Poetry Friday Roundup. Janice Scully is the host today sharing some photos from Syracuse in Central New York, my home town. Ah, autumn there is lovely. Janice fills my heart with thoughts, original poems, and images of the season, ending with an inspirational quote.