Thursday, July 31, 2014

Word Crafting

"Writing is thinking on paper."
William Zinsser

Reading the children's book, a Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloydhas caused me to focus deeply on the beauty of words and the magic that spills out from their creation and manifestation on a page. Lloyd's ability to spin words attracted me to the character she created. Felicity Juniper Pickle, is a word collector who sees words all around her.  She has an optimistic viewpoint and a poet's sensibility illustrated by such statements as, "I was surrounded by words and stories and dust-speckled light. That's a pretty perfect way to be." - or - "I never wanted to forget all the ways we were connected that day: By shadows and sunlight. By pouncing hearts and a starry maybe."

Natalie Lloyd's delightful and whimsical tale should be hit with students ages 8-12 years (680 lexile level) and a thoughtful prospect for the 2015 Newbery as noted by several reviewers. 

As a word collector and weaver of words, I feel that words are the heart of my writing life. Natalie Lloyd's debut book deftly spins her tale with a zest for word crafting, pairing words in an unique manner that allows a certain type of magic to flow. One way to feel the fullness of life is to see words spinning from inside out, just like Felicity Pickle, and then allowing them to become visible and find a place to rest - moving the thought process from an internal process to an external one. 

A word crafter reflects, constructs, and captures thoughts on paper. As they appear, the writer savors them, refines their look and appeal, and continues the journey of penning thoughts to paper in hopes of improving the craft of writing. Here is a snippet of the unfolding of poetic language in Lloyd's book.

Today I'll wear a dress made of sunlight,
I'll spin like the lilies,
I'll bloom like the stars.
Hands hold,
Hearts fold,
Under my thumbprint sky.

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.
Ernest Hemingway


As an apprentice of the writing craft, I continue to evolve in a world of expressive thoughts. My offerings today for Poetry Friday are a pair of original thoughts on Word Crafting with a Tagxedo word cloud. 

Words travel in spaces of the mind
Like a kite  s w i r l i n g  in the air. 
They spin; mill around; 
Seek companions;
Form bonds;
Find a resting spot.
Then, they quietly
On paper
They get bumped
So new words 
Can join the fun.
cvarsalona, July 2014

Words are the platform on which ideas grow.
Power, beauty, and emotion
Reside in their very being.  
As they parade across a page
 Paths open
Connecting heart to mind,
Pushing aside negativity,
Becoming a visible reflection
of the inner spirit
In a quest for freedom. 
cvarsalona, July 2014


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