Monday, July 1, 2013

Invitation To Impact Teaching and Literacy Learning

Reflective educators and lead learners,
Walk steadfastly
On a path of change and resolution
Into new learning - a common core of knowledge.

Gingerly move forward across literacy landscapes
While reflecting on past practices.
Embrace the task at hand
As a mission, not mandate.

Resolute in purpose,
Design unique opportunities for learning.
Build authentic environments.
Dig deeper.
Enrich, extend students’ literate lives.

Broaden your scope.
Stretch boundaries. Cross limits.
Move forward
on a reflective pathway.

And with purposeful steps and skills in hand,
Open your doors.
Collaborate with colleagues.
Connect to deeper understandings.
Grow as learners.

As a cohort of change, breathe in resolution.
Exhale stagnant and stale practices.
Throw away old vestiges of teaching practices
And explore endless possibilities.
To enhance teaching and impact students’ literary lives.