Sunday, July 7, 2013

Food For Thought

In preparing to celebrate the nation's independence day, I searched for tasty red, white, and blue recipes to sweeten the 4th of July barbecue. Internet connections were plentiful and descriptions tempting. Adjectives such as refreshing, festive, savory, and fresh were juxtaposed next to bright visuals; creative advertising to whet appetites. And so, through the research process, I created enticing and delectable desserts for friends and family.
Thinking about my baking experience reminds me that similar approaches can be used to whet students' appetites to taste the literacy treats that await them. Tempting, vivid visuals are always alluring and worth exploring. Engaging students in a close read of the image allows for easier digestion of the text. Although this feature is not a part of the close read procedure, it allows for entry into a text when text-based questioning is used. In creating a recipe, the learning target is stated to engage the sensibilities. Providing an I can statement promotes a positive application. Honing in on the academic and content specific vocabulary adds flavor to enhance the text. Savoring the details assists in the development of the gist statement. And with all of the ingredients in place, the text should be devoured, reread, and reflected upon to present the end product - delectable bits of knowledge.

The creation of an appealing recipe comes with patience and perseverance. Educators, like bakers, are craftsmen who produce savory bites that showcase their art.  Teachers, so while you are relaxing this summer, why not be creative and take some quality time to design an appealing recipe for learning.

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