Monday, July 1, 2013

Invitation To Impact Teaching and Literacy Learning

Reflective educators and lead learners,
Walk steadfastly
On a path of change and resolution
Into new learning - a common core of knowledge.

Gingerly move forward across literacy landscapes
While reflecting on past practices.
Embrace the task at hand
As a mission, not mandate.

Resolute in purpose,
Design unique opportunities for learning.
Build authentic environments.
Dig deeper.
Enrich, extend students’ literate lives.

Broaden your scope.
Stretch boundaries. Cross limits.
Move forward
on a reflective pathway.

And with purposeful steps and skills in hand,
Open your doors.
Collaborate with colleagues.
Connect to deeper understandings.
Grow as learners.

As a cohort of change, breathe in resolution.
Exhale stagnant and stale practices.
Throw away old vestiges of teaching practices
And explore endless possibilities.
To enhance teaching and impact students’ literary lives.


  1. Carol,

    I love the poem and your new blog. It looks great!


    1. Thanks, I am updating the site as I explore new possibilities with font and color.