Tuesday, April 2, 2024

National Poetry Month Marches In

It's time for another Poetry Parade during National Poetry Month. April is the month I refine past poems and write new ones. Spring brings renewal to life, so I dedicate this month to a revival of life. Some of my poems need to be revived and others need to blossom. 

During the month I will visit other Poetry Friday friends who enjoy playing with words and writing poetrylicious poetry. Another wonderful stop this month is the 2024 Progressive Poem, now directed by Margaret Simon. Click here to see the opening lines. Leo Tolstoy's statement below with my digitized nature background inspires me to observe the season's evolution and add new plants, poems, and digital artwork to my collection of spring's blossoming time.

April comes once each year
with raindrops spilling onto earth.
Winter does not disappear 
as daffodils begin rebirth.

With raindrops spilling onto earth
blossoms whisper in delight.
Daffodils begin rebirth.
Little buds try to sprout upright.

Blossoms whisper in delight
as the weather turns and tosses.
Little buds try to sprout upright.
Earth pleads its causes.

As the weather turns and tosses,
 nature continues nurturing life.
Earth pleads its causes
Despite environmental strife.

Winter does not disappear
but slowly pauses and retreats.
April comes once each year.
Spring refreshes and takes its seat.
©CVarsalona, March 2024, pantoum

Welcome to my Poetry Parade
for National Poetry Month 2024

I invite you to join my Poetry Parade this month.
If interested, create an image poem on any spring topic,
such as nature, sports, animals, etc.
I will create a Poetry Parade Padlet to insert your poem.
More information will be offered later in the week.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for the March 2024 Slice of Life Story Challenge. 
Even with life's interruptions, I wrote 20 slices during the month-long writing challenge.


  1. Carol, although spring begins in March, April is more a transition month. Snow and cold temperatures give way to sunshine and warmth. Colorful early bloomers herald the summer's parade of color. Bob

  2. I love the line “Blossoms whisper in delight”. I am writing in April, too, trying Amy Ludwig Vanderwater’s One More Line at The Poem Farm. There are so many great ideas for NPM!

  3. Beautiful, Carol! We are warmer this week & things are popping up everywhere, just as you wrote "Blossoms whisper in delight"! Hooray!

  4. Carol, thank you for the invitation. I will be watching for spring poems to share for the Poetry Parade.