Saturday, January 5, 2019

Celebrating New Year's Eve Poetically

With a rush of color morning broke. The window flung open to witness a nonstop motion disrupting the stillness of a cold winter day. Blue hays and cardinals gathered in style, fluttering their wings to share their bold colors and uttering loud bird calls signaling the start of flight. Barren branches swayed as flashes of color crisscrossed the sky while the caramel-colored cat nonchalantly walked across the street, undaunted by the sky dance above. New Year's Eve began its countdown.

Each morning since New Year's Eve I have waited for the blue jays and cardinals to return for their sky dance but unfortunately, they have not. I am grateful to have ended the year with this amazing sight and look forward to embracing* many more moments this winter to delight in its seasonal beauty.

*Embrace is my one little word for 2019. You can read how it came to be here.

I may be late for the Poetry Friday gathering, but am still eager to share my poetic thoughts, continue my #haikuforhope writing, and enjoy visiting my colleagues' posts that are linked at Sylvia Vardell's blog site, Poetry for Children. As host of the first Poetry Friday of the year, Sylvia is treating us to her sneak peek of all the poetry books for children that she knows will be published this year. 

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