Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Holiday Memories

photo memories
collaged for posterity-
welcome the new year
©CV, 2019, Virginia

holiday smiles
brighten drab winter days-
memories archived
©CV, 2019, Virginia

When my children were toddlers, great care was taken to add memorable photos to an album. Decades later, the albums are tattered and boxes of loose photos are layered in a closet waiting for sorting. I wonder what will become of them. Will my children's photos become artifacts, age-worn with torn edges, like the black and white photos of my toddler days? More importantly, will my grandbaby ever want to sift through unorganized photos to find the ones that recall Christmas past with her family? 

This topic came up recently as my friends and I talked about moving. What happens to the boxes of photos during a move. Is there time to sift through them to recall events? As I clean the closets, I will have to make decisions of which ones to keep. It is so much easier with digital photos. One look and if it does not meet standards, a click of the keyboard deletes an unwanted memory or another click enhances once. Technology has changed the way I think about one of my favorite holiday pastimes: family photo taking.

I'm joining poet Kat Apel at Instagram for #MoPoetry2019 today. While Kat is having fun taking photos of summer in Australia, I am here doing the same for chilly winter days on Long Island. 

It's Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers and I feel nostalgic about the holidays. 
How about you?

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