Tuesday, September 24, 2019

First Day of Fall

The earth appeared quiet as it lay in a motionless stance.  Its morning sky was full of bright sunshine and warm heat.  No sounds were heard until, as if on cue, one speck made its way through the branches.  It slowly glided in its gentle descent like a ballerina making its way across a stage. The first day of fall made its delicate appearance.  I took notice and smiled.  

I am sharing these Tuesday thoughts, my slice of life, with Two Writing Teachers.
Happy Autumn!

The above image poem will grace the walls of my 
#AbundantAutumn Gallery collection
found on Twitter.


  1. Beautiful! Welcome to the new season

    1. I have been enjoying the weather. Hope the new season is bright by you.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Molly. I hope you and your camera get some wonderful autumn shots this season.

  3. Sometimes,
    all comes to a stop,
    a lull, a momentary
    pause ... like the hours
    before summer's sleep
    and Autumn's open eyes,
    when every breath seems louder
    than the entire world

    -- a poem, left for you as comment, although your prose was poetry itself.

    1. Kevin, I am always thrilled to receive one of your insta-poems. This one is lovely and will be added to my #AbundantAutumn Gallery Collection. If you have a photo of the first days of autumn in your locale, please send it on so I can pair it with the poem or perhaps you would want to add it. I am hosting Poetry Friday this week so stop on by and share this poem.
      I started out creating a haibun, a prose and haiku combination but ended up with the prose piece and cherita instead. I sighed when I finished because I am not ready to let go of summer and neither is Mother Nature. Yesterday was more summer than fall but the dancing leaf said it was time to let go.

  4. That's beautiful writing. We don't have an autumn season but I love the idea of it, the colours are spectacular.

    1. You can dream along with me when I start working on my autumn gallery. Thanks for stopping by.