Tuesday, November 3, 2020

A Look Back to Halloweens Past

What is the Autumn season without Halloween? 

I asked this question back in 2016. This year, I wondered how children would celebrate the festivities with all the COVID-19 restrictions. I decided to look back in time at my former autumn galleries to enjoy some fun just in case Halloween would not be a wonder-filled one for all.

Back in 2016, my neighborhood was alive with laughter and costumed characters.
You can see more here.
In 2017, I invited all to join me in creating a spooktacular 
Halloween section of Autumn Ablaze Gallery
In 2018, I enjoyed creating a Happy Halloween ditty story for a read aloud during storytime.
You can access my Halloween Buncee here.
The following year, I created more Buncee posters for Halloween.
This animated Halloween Fright Night digital can be found on my Buncee dashboard here.
This year, COVID-19 changed the way Halloween festivities would run. Despite the safety precautions and the restrictions on large gatherings, the day was a joyous one.  Sunshine added happiness after days of rain. Children dressed in inventive costumes. Families paraded around the neighborhood with smiles and Happy Halloween greetings flooded the streets. I created a few virtual haunted Halloween gallery walks for those who remained inside. You can see those mini-galleries here, here, and here.

"It's Halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare." 
-Bracket, Halloween (1978)

How did you celebrate Halloween? Did you have one good scare?  The night after Halloween, my family drove past the house with a yard full of macabre seasonal decorations and that gave me a scare. Take a quick look.


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  1. Fantastic pictures, Carol. We had lots of Trick-or-treaters, and I was dismayed by the absence of masks. I wore my mask to greet all the goblins.

    1. Thanks, Glenda. We had lots of masked treaters. This year our village set realistic expectations. Home owners were asked to spread out the candy on tables so there would be no door to door meetups. I laid everything out on my steps in a decorative way.

  2. Glad you were still able to enjoy a holiday you clearly enjoy!

    1. We enjoyed a happy and safe Halloween afternoon and night. The only trickster was a squirrel who munched on my beautiful pumpkin, a first in all the years that I decorate my front porch.

  3. Great pictures, Carol. I think it is wonderful how people adapt to situations. Even though there are limitations in place, spirits are not dampened.

    1. Bob, I am glad that you enjoyed the images. I had so much fun making them over the years. It brings a smile to my face to go back in time. I did smile quite a bit on Halloween this year because all the neighborhood children and parents were smiling.