Tuesday, December 29, 2020

O Christmas Tree

It's approaching the close of the year. Thoughts about the holiday season in New York City are on my mind. Who knew last December that a pandemic would sweep through the world and change our seasonal rituals. 

In years gone by, my family enjoyed the week between Christmas and New Years Day. We visited 5th Avenue's brightly lit department store windows, the Rockefeller Center tree, and St. Patrick Cathedral but travel to NYC is complicated this year. Driving would be slow and tedious so a change of plans was needed. We decided to visit the Long Island Christmas tree at RXR Plaza instead of trekking into the City. The night was cold but we were bundled in layers. Few people were at the plaza and the ice skating rink totally closed. As we parked the car, I was amazed by the brightness of the moon against the darkness. The multi-colored Christmas tree and brilliant star tree topper were a show stopper, as was the reflection of the tree in the glass building windows.  I stood in awe of the magnificent tree in front of me and kept flicking the camera to catch the best angle. My husband did the same. Even though my hands were freezing, I could not get enough of the beauty of the night sky and the glittering tree.

winter night brilliance

sparkling like gemstones
against an indigo sky

a luminescent moon, a dazzling tree
celebrate seasonal magic
masking pandemic woes
©CV, 2020

It's Tuesday Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers.
Quick Note: Turning on the Hallmark channel before bedtime, I was surprised to see the title of the show. "A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado" shares the story of a town administrator's quest for a magnificent spruce tree to be the town's showpiece. Perhaps this is a serendipitous stroke of writing luck. 


  1. How cozy to turn on that movie after such a beautiful sight. Sounds perfect.

  2. This sounds beautiful! And I love that you found that Hallmark video. :)

  3. Carol, I've been to NYC near Christmases past and have seen the tree at Rockefeller Center with ice skaters gliding's a breathtaking sight. The Long Island tree seems no less, especially the way you describe its reflected light and the moon's illumination of the dark sky. It's a little haunting, sad, anyway, to think of skaters not being there. Yet the stillness, the bitter cold, evoke something deep and warm in the soul when contrasted with the night sky and glittering tree - that while your hands were freezing in the attempt to capture the image, you could "not get enough" of its beauty. You captured it beautifully in your verse also. As for serendipity...I find that writing often invokes it. Maybe because we are always looking for those connective threads - thinking like a writer, noticing, pondering - but that particular movie coming after your visit is a pretty powerful occurrence! Seasonal magic, indeed.

  4. Magic masking pandemic woes... great expression of this Christmas.

  5. I am so thankful for the lights and decorated trees in December. They bring joy in the darkness. So do your words and pictures. Wishing you light and color in 2021!

  6. Carol, your post makes me realize how much I miss NYC. We spent many holiday seasons there standing in lines to view store windows, watching ice skaters in front of the tree, staring in awe at the tree itself. It always included a stop at Teuscher's for four champagne truffles. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. Yay for finding fun in spite of everything! Have a wonderful New Year's celebration!

  8. Carol, what beautiful photos, words, quote, verse, and song you have created from this bright lit Christmas tree. I immediately thought of the song Oh, Christmas tree and was happily surprised to scroll down to the amazing rendition you included in your post. I've always loved Aretha Franklin's voice. (My cat was sitting in front of me on my poetry notebook trying to block my view of my monitor when she accidentally fell off. Tigress isn't happy and told me to hurry it up, already.) I love your lines:
    sparkling like gemstones
    against an indigo sky. Your poem is a perfect match to your photos. A happy memory of a "show stopper" evening of light and joy your family and you made! Light and joy to your new year!