Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Take Heart - SJT

For three weeks I searched for available COVID vaccine appointments for my family. Frustration mounted with each new search. I looked, wished for a canceled spot, and persevered. The search left me drained and frustrated. Availability was an issue being faced by so many across Long Island. What am I looking for? A needle in a haystack could be found easier than an appointment.

With faith, I continued the search on Long Island, NYC, and Virginia where I will be moving. I did find two single openings not together for my husband and me. One was in NYC and the other at Jones Beach. These appointments seemed like an answer to prayer but the dates were near the time we should be closing on our house. 

Moving on, I changed direction and confirmed my upcoming doctor appointment. With that final task for the day completed, I opened my email to find a message in my patient portal-Complete your COVID 19 Screening Questionnaire. I rushed to do this and to my surprise, I received a text a short time later. It was a gift, an appointment for the first dose of the COVID vaccine at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center near my home. Grateful, I paused to remember a scripture quote Karen Eastlund shared. "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above." (James 1:17). 

What a beautiful surprise, a good gift from above. Being in remission from lymphoma for the past 18 years has been a miracle gift and a testament that "the testing of your faith produces steadfastness." (James 1:3) 

Fran Haley, host of Spiritual Journey Thursday this month chose "Take Heart" as our theme. I take heart that I can begin my new life in Virginia without the worry of feeling safe during trying times. Knowing that I can endure snags along the way that test my faith, will lead me to steadfastly continue my journey of celebrating life. 

Finding a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. solidified an idea for me. The following digital inspiration provides the reflective action step for me to take during the month of February. 

*Begin is my one word 2021.


Thank you, Fran, for the theme for this month's Spiritual Journey Thursday here.
It gave me a spark of inspiration to finish this post and add a reflaction
(reflection with an action step) for this month.


  1. Reflections with action steps are singularly powerful, Carol. I had not known of your remission before - you are such a testimony to grace, on so many, many counts. I know you're on the threshold of a whole new chapter of life, and I cheer you on as you *begin* this new journey, knowing that God give us what we need exactly when we need it. You remind us that we work our faith out as we go - as God guides, as we trust. Thank you for this powerful post of belief. I am adding your link to the Inlinkz. Blessings and safety as you travel today.

    1. Fran, your response is so appreciated at this time. Your aura surrounds me and adds a healing touch. I can only see life through faith for it is difficult at many times. I am at my new house in Virginia this weekend. While it is difficult to live with very little furniture here and lots of service people in and out, the house seems like home with an open concept and a beautiful community. The year was difficult building this house virtually for the most part. Tomorrow night I may see my little Sierra and Aurora for a brief moment in time but any time with them is filled with peace and love.Have a wonderful Sunday. Thank for linking me up, Fran.

  2. Many blessings to you, Carol. I didn't know of your bout with lymphoma, but I can appreciate that it impacts to your entire story. Thank you for your faithfulness and hard work, and especially for new beginnings.

  3. I'm so glad you got vaccinated, even though it was difficult. Thank you for your post!

  4. I'm so glad you got the vaccine. It's been such an anxiety filled time. I hope that years from now we will have fuzzy memories of the details of how difficult getting vaccines was.

  5. Yea! I am glad you were able to get the vaccine--and close to home. There are so many reasons to take heart if we take time to reflect on them. Good luck with your move.

  6. I'm so glad you are getting your vaccine! I have an appointment March 22, so that's a good beginning. A "first step." Stay well, Carol.

  7. Carol, I'm so relieved for you! And you have SO much going on right now. It will be nice to cross that off and concentrate of your move, your family, etc. Congrats!

  8. I felt your pain as you searched for a vaccine date. I heard from my own provider after booking two other appts. I so wish I could give one of my cancelled appts to a friend who still doesn't have one for her 86 year old father. I love the MLK combined with your OLW - a lovely way to reminder of the journey you're embarking on. Hoping to see you settled in VA soon.

  9. Love the digital inspiration with King's words and your OLW. All my best for your move. And my prayers that your second dose is easier than the first. I'm still waiting...