Thursday, April 15, 2021

Conversation Cafe

What fun it is during National Poetry Month than sharing poetry with friends. Margaret Simon, poet teacher from Louisiana, hosts This Photo Wants to be a Poem on Wednesdays. For this week's prompt, she captured a photo of children sitting on top of an old oak tree in New Orleans City Park then, used the Waterlogue app to digitize the photo. For the challenge, I created a  personification poem from the old tree.

Conversation Cafe

I am a gatherer of talk.
Come sit at my table.
I listen with intent,
Hugging every word
With overreaching arms.
Waving goodby, 
I welcome your return.
©CV, 2021


  1. Wonderful personification of this mighty oak, with an invitation to be present and return. Exactly what I'd imagine this oak might say with a southern drawl.

    1. A southern drawl would give an authenticity to the poem. It would be fun to have the poem recorded, Margaret, with Thomas sitting on the huge structure.