Tuesday, August 31, 2021

A Rain-Drenched Gift

Birthdays are wonderful days to celebrate the beginning of a new year of adventure in life.  In our family, a central part of a birthday party is the cake. It has always been our way to honor the traditions of the past, celebrate the present, and indulge in the sweetness of life. The tradition dates all the way back to my Nonnie who was know for her sweet delicacies. 

My daughter, son-in-law and little girls were in charge of the cake. My husband was the family chauffeur, I the birthday planner, and my sister a guest. My job was to find a restaurant offering outdoor eating in our local area. 

The day began with the usual humid weather and sunshine-a good sign that we could eat outside. The restaurant was in place but we needed to arrive early to get seating outdoors. My son was working until 6 o'clock so the rest of the family decided to meet early to make sure the reservation would guarantee a table outdoors. The reviews for the Blue Ridge Seafood Restaurant were very good. it was only a few minutes away from my son's workplace, so that was convenient. When we arrived there was a short line but by the time my son arrived the line was wrapped around the entrance. Luckily, calling ahead and arriving early worked to our advantage in being seated under a roofed patio. 

Shortly after our appetizer and beverages, the sky became dark. It was still very humid but we all knew what that meant. It seems that this summer, the weather is a topic of concern and rainstorms seem to start at the whim of nature. The week before we planned on eating at this restaurant until we walked out the door to my house and were greeted with a torrential storm. This time, we were all settled into our delicious seafood dinner (except for my husband who is allergic to shellfish had a huge plate of ribs), until a crack of ominous thunder roared and lightning cut across the sky like a knife cutting cake. Oh, well! We felt fortunate to be under a roof until the rain took a sharp turn and whipped into the patio area and onto our backs.  

"You can move to another table," the waitress, drenched in rain, exclaimed.  Luckily, we were finished with the dinner and awaiting the cake.  

"Let's not worry. The weather won't dampen our spirits." So, we continued to party on as my 4-year-old granddaughter would be inclined to say. 

The cake was beyond delicious as indicated by the chocolate faces of our two little toddlers. As we made a mad dash to the car, I remarked that this party would always be one for the family to remember. 

surprise greetings
nature astonishes all
rain-drenched gift
Happy 2021 Birthday, Derek,
Love Mom!

Let's hope that the birthday luncheon on your official birthday this Wednesday 
is a day without rain.

My Slice of Life is being sent to Two Writing Teachers with wishes for Great Happiness for my son!


  1. I love imagining you all eating cake, partying on, with the wind-driven rain spattering your backs. You've painted such a wonderful picture of the moment, and you're right--this is a party you'll always remember!

  2. Definitely a gathering to remember ...

  3. I love a good storm, and this sounds like an awesome celebration!

  4. Sounds like fun and just the right attitude for a celebration!

  5. Carol, so glad the rain didn't dampen your fun!
    I'm behind on responding to Poetry Friday posts. Thanks so much for your comment about my poem, As August Ends. I'd be honored to have it included in your Nurturing Our Summer Souls Gallery. Let me know if you need anything besides my permission!

  6. Carol, I love the way everyone had a hand in planning the event. Thunder and lightning...hey, the heavens were just getting in on the celebration as well. Definitely a celebration for the books.

  7. Y’all had a good attitude about the rain, a staple of southern life. Your references to humidity brings back memories. And that restaurant sounds really good. I love seafood!

  8. A belated Happy Birthday to Derek! What fun this was reading about the dinner! Your work to eat outside, the covered roof, the wind shift and the rain on your backs. You described all the carefully planned details and your "party on" attitude! Fun!

  9. I love the story and the poem! That's a birthday everyone will remember!