Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Foodie's Delight

Each year on our anniversary my husband and I dined at well-known restaurants on Long Island and New York City. We were always eager to savor delectable delights. We have fond memories of fine dining there but this year, being new to Northern Virginia, we decided it was time for country dining. We relied on reviews, new neighbor thoughts, and finally decided on a recommendation from our daughter and son-in-law who raved about FIELD & MAIN Restaurant.

With the anticipation of a six-course dinner and wine pairing, The Present Meal, we drove a short distance through country roads towards the restaurant nestled in Marshall, Virginia. The town was small and charming with its Main Street being a quaint and lovely setting for small stores and the restaurant, a two-story building with a side patio. The history of the building dates to a tavern from the 1800s. As we neared the restaurant, we saw cabanas behind the patio for small groups of diners. Customers were milling around with smiles on their faces. As we entered the main building, we were greeted by Morgan, the hostess. In an exuberant manner, she welcomed us with a printed menu that had a Happy Anniversary greeting on the cover! This was a delightful touch. 

The menu stated that The Present Menu would be a celebration of nature's gifts  available at this moment in time. With my love of nature and fine foods, I knew this menu would deliver a mouthwatering tasting of both food and wine. 

The first course was blistered shishito pepper with lime crema, bene seeds & cilantro. A Roger Neveu, Sauvignon Blanc from France, 2019 was paired with this small present that was beautifully presented.

The second course was heirloom tomato with cucumber, Queso fresco & basil oil served with Domaine de Nizas, Syrah-Grenache-Mourvedre from France, 2020. We knew this would be a favorite and we're so excited about the flavors to come that I forgot to take a photo. While eating this amazing appetizer, I looked to the left and saw a delicious bread board which I immediately ordered. The Hearth bread was warm and grilled to perfection. I imagined it was baked in the 10-foot-wide wood-fueled heart in the kitchen. Accompanying it was whipped goat schmear, preserved sweet peppers, and lardon. Being freshly baked bread lovers, we savored every bite and even dipped our bread into the leftover dressing of basil oil from the second course.

The third course was sauteed shrimp with maque choux & heirloom tomato jam paired with I Custodi, Nerello Mascalese wine from Mt. Etna, Sicily, 2014. Since my husband is allergic to shrimp, he was offered porkbelly. We both enjoyed these delicacies and once again forgot to take photos but needless to say, they were presented with care. The tastes sparked our interest for the next course., ember roasted summer squash with whipped tofu, maitake mushrooms XO & sunflower-sesame seed crunch. Since we both love summer squash, we exclaimed how interesting the taste was, so unlike any other preparation, we've ever had.

Now for the main entree of the fifth course. Drum roll...Just look below to see how appealing the Ovoka Farm ribeye with spring onion chimichurri & crispy polenta looked. It was a true present from the chef with a simply scrumptious taste. In fact, it was so delicious and filling that I asked for the two last pieces to be wrapped up for a tasting at home. Unfortunately, my son saw it in the refrigerator and decided to try it out. He also loved the taste. The wine that was paired with this course was Sa Defenza, Cannonau-Bovale, "Demira", from Sardegna, Italy, 2019, a delicious choice. 

The last course of the meal was baked peach with bread pudding & creme anglais. Coming from a long line of bakers, I could not wait for this course. Much to my surprise, the bread pudding was light, crispy, and flavorsome. The wine was a white wine, Petit Manseng, "Late Harvest", from Linden Vineyards in Virginia. The vineyard described this wine as following, "it starts with tropical fruit flavors and finishes with an elegant tang". It was the perfect finish to a luscious meal.


charming countryside restaurant

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©cv, 2021


Our compliments to owner/chef, Neal Wavra and his staff!

We will definitely return to savor the chef's delectable presents.

What a great 45th-anniversary present to self this was!


Today's slice of life reflects on our first scrumptious meal at FIELD & MAIN. There will be many more.


  1. Carol, Happy Anniversary to you both. What an amazing sounding and delicious meal you had. Presents from the earth prepared as presents from the chef to help you celebrate a special occasion.

    1. Bob, I do so love to eat at new restaurants with great chefs. There are others in Virginia that look like they will fit this bill but Chinese and Italian restaurants that are top notch are hard to come by. We are on the lookout. The only drawback to all of this is the pounds that start building. I'm off to exercise class this morning.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I think the universe knew how appreciative you are of delicious meals, saw how open-minded you were to try something new and responded with this fabulous dinner.

    1. Terje, that is one way of looking at this wonderful present of delicious foods.

  3. Your anniversary meal sounds amazing. I love farm to table restaurants.

    1. It was a truly amazing dinner and the Field & Main staff made the dinner special, Glenda.

  4. Happy anniversary! The description of your meal had my mouth watering all the way through. YUM! The last time Andre & I did anything even remotely like this, we were celebrating the purchase of our house. This post makes me think it's time to do it again.

    1. The dinner provided a scrumptious eruption of tastes that all fit together, Amanda.

  5. Wow, I missed this anniversary post! Amazing! I never knew you were such a foodie. That all sounded delectable and your write-up was like something you'd read in a fancy magazine for connoisseurs. Happy 45th anniversary!

    1. Thanks, Denise. When I find myself eating WOW-tasting foods, I am inclined to write about them. Hope to take my family to this restaurant for my son's birthday. This time we will sit in the outdoor cabanas. Looking forward to this.