Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Dental Arts

My husband set the alarm for an early rise. When the tic tock ring went off, I was not ready. I wanted to snuggle a bit more and so I did. I usually slide into events and it looked like this would be another example of an old habit. Perhaps, it was the fear of upcoming pain, after all it has been eight months since my last treatment in Long Island. 

Finding a good dentist is a mix of research and recommendations. Since I needed three cavities filled and one crown, my husband drove me to the dentist that was only five minutes away. In our new locale everything seems such a short ride. I started anticipating the long procedure during the car ride. As during my first consultation, I was greeted with smiles and a friendly hello. So far so good.

Take a deep breath.
Sit down.
The chair is comfortable.
Slide up the chair.
Dark glasses?
Flashbacks to my childhood  dental visit-
Painful reminder.
Forget that!
Dark room and dark glasses
are cues to close my eyes.
A symphony of sounds begin.
Prick, pinch.
Numbness begins.
Sit back and almost relax.
Buzz, buzz.
Change of equipment.
Open mouth. Close.
Gurgle, gurgle
And so forth.
Time is passing on.
When the crown work begins.
Three cavities filled
Crown work started.
How does it feel?
Adjustments made.
Mouthful of novacaine
Makes knowing
If the adjustments are good.
Temporary crown complete.
No pain.
Next appointment scheduled.
Bathroom stop.
Quick chuckle.

Now I know why the doctor
Chose the title Dental Arts?
What a pleasurable visit!
My Slice of Life!
Thanks Two Writing Teachers for the space to write a short narrative
on my morning event.


  1. I went to the dentist yesterday for a temporary crown and apparently need 2 more. I will read your poem next time as I got through it but it wasn't all so enjoyable. Your poem gives good tips to help one get past the "Flashbacks to my childhood dental visit-
    Painful reminder" Thank you.

  2. Carol, glad everything went well. For me, the sound of the drill was always worse than the prick of the needle, especially before I went to a dentist who numbed the area before giving the shot. Luckily we have a good dentist and hate the thought of him retiring when the time comes.

  3. I could read the change in your anxiety level as I read down your list of micro-moments. The form suited the material well; does anyone think in complete sentences while sitting in a dentist's chair? I'm glad it went well!