Tuesday, January 24, 2023

From Rushed to Relaxed

Excitement is in the air but so is stress. We are leaving for Disney World followed by a cruise to the Bahamas on the new Disney Wish boat. While we are genuinely excited to visit Disney World with the family and the little grandgirls, we feel a bit hurried. The weather decided to play a trick and dip down to the 40ish degree temperature at night while sailing to the Bahamas. That means rethinking packing. We are not good packers, to begin with, and there is still a good deal to do before we board the plane to Florida on Wednesday morning.

My son had a bad respiratory virus last week and just finished his meds when my husband started coughing throughout the night. Now, he starts meds tomorrow and that leaves me but I am feeling fine. There has to be some gratefulness and so, I indulge in a manicure/pedicure. Ah, relaxation is a gift. The lotions smell wonderful and the massage chair offers a chance to slow down and de-stress. I imagine the warmth of the sun surrounding me.

wishing for warmth
in the midst of winter's grasp
peaceful prospect
nature offers a reprieve
turquoise waters and sunshine
©CVarsalona, 2023
Image by buckeyebeth from Pixabay

The radio airs an ad about a vacation. I hear the word blissful describing a trip. It sounds delightful and adds a layer of peaceful contemplation. I drift into the act of "just being". Time moves from hurried to tranquil. The aroma of floral products fills the air. The Vietnamese New Year decor adds a touch of festivity and remembrance of the Chinese New Year parades we enjoyed in New York City. feeling renewed. From rushed to relaxed, I walk out the door feeling renewed. 

©CVarsalona, 2023, digital art

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  1. Oh, how exciting to embark on a magical vacation with your grandgirls. I'm glad you took some Me time to just Be. I'm sure your trip will inspire many stories to write during March...Have fun!

  2. Carol, I think packing for a cruise is hard because there are so many different wardrobes one needs. In contrast, I can typically pack all I need for a two-week trip into a carryon, which is what I’ll be doing in a few weeks when we leave for Thailand. I do hope all are well come travel time and that you’ll have a fabulous vacation.

  3. Carol, how exciting for you and you family, especially the granddaughters. Hope everyone is feeling better by the time of the trip. I, also, am not a good packer. I envy those who pack all they need for a trip in a carry-on. Relax and enjoy.

  4. Wishing you all and your little ones a safe, healthy, magical time! Ahhhhh....

  5. I can relate to the rush before the relaxation! And how life just has to get in the way sometimes (darn those germs). Hope everyone is hale and hearty and enjoying the trip by now!