Thursday, February 2, 2023

Color My World SJT

Another month has passed as I try to be still, quiet, and grateful for life. I desire to color my world in colors that sparkle with joy and appreciation. Thanks to this month's Spiritual Journey Thursday's host Bob Hamera, aka arejha, for the prompt "think about the colors you project to others, colors that act as a guiding light".

My one word for 2023 is "be".  I wrote this line about my one word, Be is a guiding spirit. It follows that my word should interact with colors that affect me emotionally. Below, I tinted my "digital inspiration" with blues to signify calmness, something I highly desire.


In the Bahamas
be colored my world
with the warmth of yellow sunshine
the energy of foaming turquoise waters
the vibrancy of deep reds on pirate night
and the comfort of delectable beige bread
that affected emotions and moods
that energized each blessed day
that swept away stressors
existing in daily living-
coloring my world
bright and
©CVarsalona, 2023

Before the night is over, I reflect on my proposed action for "be": Prepare daily for change, renewal, and peace. Colors can help me bring a sense of serenity to my being and others.  Through research, I found a Guiding Light Color Scheme with a beautiful palette of five colors. They are B'Dazzled Blue, Sea Serpent, Pale Robin Egg Blue, Papaya Whip, and Cinnamon Satin. I shall ponder how these colors can lift my spirits during the winter months.

I listen to Colour My World by Chicago for the umpteenth time today, to find words to soothe the soul.


as time goes on
colors appear
through eras

coloring my world
with blue hues
of the seas
of the sky

floats in a blue mist
touched by healing hands
of the Divine

I see
I  touch
I "be" in the
presence of peace
©CV, 2023

There are so many colors to discover in this world. It is my hope to find the colors that will brighten the sky and bring joy, not only to me but to others. 


  1. Your OLW is so nicely woven into your poems. The shape poem is fabulous. I always get stumped trying to make a concrete poem look like the thing. How did you do it? And you transport me to peaceful Bahamas. Lovely.

    1. Margaret, I start with words to play with and then, see where the design can become an object. Once I get that start, I build the poem, line by line making sure it fits my imagined object. Since I recalled a serene beach with a gentle air flow, I decided the object should become a balloon floating in the sky or perhaps an air balloon overhead. If you look at my PF post you will see the end result, a framed digital piece of art. Thanks for asking. I hope you fill your day with color, Margaret.

  2. Carol: Thanks for your color palette and calming words. I feel the same ... just to breathe and relax is the best thing I can do. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to relax in the Bahamas. Your poem reflects it: swept away stressors. Yes!

    1. Karen, I am just now getting to make the SJT rounds. I was not sure how to approach the color theme but it seems to have worked out for me. I am still exhausted from the rash attack at the end of our trip but seemed to remain calm and let go of stressors. It is cold here, the salted earth lost is snowy white gleam, and yet even the gray skies bring peace. Have a colorful day.

  3. Carol, with how hectic the world is and how crazy our days can get blue is a perfect color to project. It offers a calmness during a storm. It gives peace and tranquility when the mind is racing with too many things to do. It is a safe haven. These are all things you offer with the light you shine.

    1. Bob, am not usually a "blue" person but it does fit my mood and OLW this year and that is what counts. I am looking at all sorts of shades of blue to wear to keep me calm and peaceful in a tranquil setting. (I especially need it now since the prednisone pills are making me hyper-LOL!) Thanks for your comment. It is supportive as I prepare for my PD presentation.

  4. Your poetry is a gift of color and contentment. I love the color palette, rich and delectable words. Best of luck with tonight's presentation!

    1. Ramona, thanks for telling me that you became anonymous for a few moments. I woke tired but eager to read SJT posts and finish my PF one. My presentation was filled with a variety of colors creatively delivered so I am happy for that. I am ready to start a new day in a grey world. I think I can bring color into this day. May your day be filled with color and song.

  5. Failed to switch to me. Previous anonymous is Ramona

  6. I love that you listened to COLOUR MY WORLD a bazillion times, Carol. I remember slow-dancing to that song with boys in high school. Today the lyrics reach a different part of my heart "Colour my world with hopes of loving you..." I'm looking at the guiding light palette (where did you find this???) and they seem to me to be colors of hope, if hope were a color. I see brightness, life, BEing in them. I'm already feeling your OLW! Thank you!

  7. Fabulous blossoming shape-poem, Carol - your lines always sparkle and impart joy!