Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Halloween 2023 Memories

  Where there is no imagination, there is no horror!   

  Arthur Conan Doyle   

It's Halloween and the world is a children's playground on this particular day. All the Disney princesses, Marvel characters, and clever homemade costumes appear in schoolyard parades or after-school trick-or-treating. I miss the razzle-dazzle fun of  Halloween dress-up time when I was a reading specialist and a districtwide administrator. Those were the days of Halloween magic!

Now, to satisfy my undying devotion to Halloween fun, I create scenarios that feed my inner Halloween spirit. Eery nightmares let my imagination fly. I wake up trying to decipher what I saw during the night but it all vanishes at daylight. So what do I do? Decorating inside and outside the house, baking treats (no tricks), putting together family costumes, and snapping photos for posterity complete my mission to let creative juices flow. Below are two digitized photo memories from last weekend's Halloween party. Which one do you like best?

skeptical looks rise
withered appearances
quite a surprise
but perseverance
helps families survive
©CVarsalona, 2023

My grandgirls are intrigued with Halloween teeth.
mirror, mirror
on the wall...
©CVarsalona, digital art, 2023
Word of the Day Fun

float around my dreams
causing dysphoria
I wake to screams
need sweet euphoria
for nonspooky happenings
that autumn delightfully brings
©CVarsalona, 2023
The clock is ticking. After a fun Halloween with my grandgirls, I join the Two Writing Teachers community of spirited educators.  I slip in before midnight ready to read a few slices before bedtime. I wonder where my imagination will take me tonight.

    Happy Halloween!    


  1. I like the black and white…but the creepy teeth in the mirror is my real favorite! Lots of Halloween fun. My kids and I used to make up a different creepy menu every Halloween. At school, I read spooky stories, going into classrooms, pulling the shades down and turning out the lights… what fun to make the kids scream with just the words “in a dark, dark room!” Not to mention my prop for “The Green Ribbon,” a headless Barbie (yes, if my daughter were in the Barbie movie, she would be the one Kate McKinnon played with the chopped up hair… so I had a headless Barbie).
    By the way, this is newtreemom, Diane Anderson. I always had such trouble with comments on blogspot, I finally started using this blogspot account.

    1. I like that you created creepy menus on Halloween. The headless Barbie sounds like a real spooky thriller for your students. I have not seen the Barbie movie yet but want to. Enjoy the post-Halloween fun. I wore my Halloween leggings to yoga today just to remain in the spirit.

  2. Carol, such Halloween fun you have. Like Diane, I love the teeth in the mirror. Hope you, your family and especially your granddaughters had a spooktacular Halloween. Bob

    1. Bob, Halloween was spooktacular indeed. The baby was not feeling great so she kept crying when she was placed in her bassinet. It was chilly out last night and not many children were trick or tweeting but we had fun. The grandgirls must have had a sugar high because the 3 yr-old kept sneaking candy from her bucket every time I turned my back. The 6-yr-old was smart and put on her PJs (she was cold).

  3. Carol, what a fun post! That second cartooned photo is my favorite. The "withered appearances" indeed. The grandgirl's cute scary teeth are fun too!