Friday, October 13, 2023

Welcome to "Destination: Summer's End" Gallery

Enjoy a stroll through the museum-like gallery of artistic expressions comprised of image poems (ekphrastic poetry) in different formats of digital designs.

The theme chosen for the Summer 2023 gallery is Summer's End. 
Travel throughout the United States from east to west and on to Australia to see the endless beauty of the summer season as it closes and falls into autumn. 
A range of poetic voices from adults to children splash across the page at the Destination: Summer's End Padlet here.
From there be dazzled by the gallery 2:48 minute slideshow designed in Canva. Click here.

A stream of the Destination: Summer's End playlist music will be a backdrop for the gallery walk. Listen here.

As you enjoy the gallery walk, reflect on your summer adventures that brought carefree days of relaxation and renewal. While we shall miss the the days of lounging at the beach, hiking in the woods, or traveling with the family, we can hold on to our sweet memories of summer "as summer gathers up her robes of glory, and, like a dream glides away."-Sarah Helen Whitman

Thank you for joining the gallery experience that connects two seasons as summer's sun greets autumn's cooler breezes and autumn leaves.
As William Shakespeare said centuries ago:
Summer's lease hath all too short a date.


Thank you to the poetic voices who added their beautiful words to this gallery.

Linda Baie
Robyn Hood Black
Matt Forrest Esenwine
Karen Elise Finch
Patricia Franz
Bob Hamera (arjeha)
Jane Heitman Healy
Molly Hogan
Michelle Kogan
Sally Murphy
Anastasia Suen
Janice Scully 
Carol Varsalona
Student Voice from Margaret Simon's gifted classes in Louisiana
John-Rober, Adelyn, and James

Adieu Summer!
into the wind
summer goes
without a worry
without a woe
Then, curtsies
to fall and all
©CVarsalona, 2023, quick write draft
photo of the LA sunset by Devin Hartnett

And so, Summer may be over but it is not forgotten.
There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.
-Celia Thaxter

For another poetic experience, travel with me to the Poetry Friday Roundup. Our host, Catherine Flynn, is ahring her thoughts on Irene Latham's new book filled with poetry, The Museum on the Moon: Curious Objects on the Lunar Surface and an original poem(You can read my book review of this amazing book here.)


  1. We didn't really have "carefree days of relaxation and renewal" this summer, and I was happy to bid it farewell! But I enjoyed a few minutes of peace as I clicked on the Padlet and read the first few poems that caught my eye. Thanks, Carol!

    1. Laura, you had a rough summer amidst the to-do list and crazy circumstances. I hope this fall will even out some issues but there is no guarantee in life. I look forward to read your post but this weekend is a very busy one. Our 3rd granddaughter is being baptized tomorrow.

  2. Carol, I loved wandering through your padlet. It brings a nice sense of closure to the season. (I was unable to access the Canva or music to link, but I think there is something funky with my current internet connection.)

  3. Summer was so fleeting. I am enjoying the smells and sounds and colors of fall.

  4. Carol, your gallery is gorgeous. I love scrolling through and seeing the photos of late summer and then reading the poems. Summer is gone, and now for the beauty of fall. Thanks for pointing to all the beauty.

  5. Your attention to the details is inspiration for me. Thank you for being an artistic archivist with poetry in your soul.

  6. I love your farewell to summer as autumn takes center stage, and as always, I so appreciate your generous creative energy! Thanks so much for including my poem in your gallery. I did try to access Canva but was unable to do so.

  7. I love that Celia Thaxter quote! Thank you for your generous work gathering poetry and images into your galleries!

  8. Thank you for the peaceful stroll through your padlet to bid summer farewell. Nicely done!

  9. What a gorgeous collection of poems and images Carol, I think I may like to revisit it in the depths of winter. Like Ceila Thaxter said, "There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart," let's carry her on, thanks for all your creative choreography Carol!