Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finding the Power of the Collective Voice

It was less than one year ago, that I began to explore Twitter as a professional development tool. For a decade before joining this conversational platform, I explored the strength of connected voices through collegial circle and listserv conversations. Little did I realize how social media could strengthen the power of the virtual voice. As I have said before, it was the passion in the message from Tony Sinanis and JoEllen McCarthy that led me to lurk and learn. My close encounter with the Twitter world of powerful chats unfolded from that moment forward.  

Twitter is a viable channel for the collective consciousness to have a voice.  In the Twittersphere, there are different circles of like-minded individuals who discuss timely and relevant topics about teaching, learning, reflection, and life. From my first #satchat, the educational world's Saturday morning chat, I was able to connect with educators across the country and then, that linked me to other chats and other tweeps. At first, there was a learning curve and then a familiarity with the platform and its power grew. 

My journey with social media has taken me from the behind the scenes lurker to the visible forum of Google Hangouts. As a member of the moderating team of #nyedchat, I have spent many delightful moments chatting with my team and with those who join our forum, whether it be via Twitter or Google Hangout. My blogging experience grew simultaneously as I entered the Twitter world as another avenue to explore voice. Being a lover of language has helped me gravitate to the use of a new platform for conversation. Realizing that others are reluctant to engage in active chats, I enthusiastically invite educators to explore the power of the collective voice. Thoughts captured from online conversations can lead to transformative action in districts, classrooms, organizations, and in personal lives. 

If I have convinced you to join the conversation, please start with #NYEDChat. Each new experience or link will provide asynchronous professional development, outside the structure of your school day, and build a circle of committed educators. By joining NYEDChat, you can become one of the voices of New York State educators who have virtually bonded as a committed professional learning network attempting to impact teaching and learning.

8:30 PM EST

Feb. 24, 2014     Peter Catalanotto, Author/Illustrator 
Teaching Writing to Children

Mar. 3, 2014      Chris Lehmann & Kate Roberts, Authors/Consultants 
Teaching Reading in New York State: Where We Are Now, Where We Could Be                       

Other Dates and Speakers for March and April will be announced.
Watch for more information about our Live Streaming Event 
Tuesday, May 6th, 8:30 PM 
with Pam Moran and Ira Socol
Teachers as Constructors of Exploration

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