Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When Hard Work Becomes Too Much

John Wayne succinctly said, "My favorite four-letter words are 'hard work'." 

BUT I ask what happens when the hard work you involve yourself in becomes too much? 

Do you pack up and run away from the task at hand? 
Do you stick with it until you cannot stay awake? 

I have been asking myself that question for the last month with no resolve. 

So it is time to hit the PAUSE Button
Okay, so I hit it. NOW WHAT?


That one little word that I needed came to me-PAUSE!
So, I am packing up, turning off the computer, and on my way to the yoga studio for a breath of hot air and me time. 

Sounds good?
When hard work becomes too much-find the solution for you. 

Come Together Yoga Studio, Sportset
Solution Found:
I came back from yoga practice with energy and a pearl of wisdom.
Find Space in the Stillness of the Mind to 
Reflect, Rethink, and Redesign life.

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