Friday, April 27, 2018

Spring Salutations with an Invitation to Write

It's the end of April, a time of renewal. Showers fall gently awakening flowers. Earth comes alive after the chill of winter and a unique weather phenomenon, #winterinspring. 

daybreak dusting
early morning surprise-
winter in april
Photo and Poem by Spiri Howard

Now at the end of April, #winterinspring has moved on, allowing springtime the space to restore life. Traditional April showers greet Long Island in between sunny days of warmer weather. Poets continue to write #poetryliciouspoetry as National Poetry Month draws to a close. The Northeast where I live craves color and warmth.

Laura Hill Timpanaro

It is time to dig deep into our soul to bloom and become a troubadour of nature. It is time to feel earth's call to action, engage your senses, re-energize your spirit, and restore a colorful lens to everyday life. 


As the earth salutes spring, I invite all to capture the beauty of the season with all five senses. Paint a canvas fresh with deep verdant green colors accented by a rainbow of florals. Light up a gallery of artistic expressions with nature photograph, artwork, poetry, inspirational thoughts, and music. 
Let's capture the renewal of life this spring and
send a myriad of artistic expressions
out into the universe.

Sense-sational Spring Gallery Awaits Your Offerings!

Be creative. Capture the splendors of springtime in a variety of ways:
  • Image poems - Superimpose an original poem on an image using a photo editing tool, like PicMonkeyFotoJet, or Canva
  • Audio reading of an original poem using SoundCloud, etc.
  • Collage, scrapbook art 
  • Original inspirational quote or one from a poet or philosopher that is superimposed on a photo 
  • Original nature photography in a picture postcard format
  • Original artwork (any format)
  • Playlist of springtime music linked to the songs or instrumental score
  • A Buncee using the Buncee platform
  • Video poem using iMovie, Animoto, or Magisto
  • Short videos

All submissions must:
  • Have your name and locale at the bottom
  • Be sized to 450 pixels in a jpeg or png format
  • Be sent to #Sense_sationalSpring and @cvarsalona at Twitter or cvarsalona at with the subject being Sense-sational Spring Gallery Offering

Deadline for Submission: May 31, 2018

Still Not Sure How to BeginYou can refer to last year's spring gallery of artistic expressions, Springsations, here to find mentor texts.

Student Voice for Sense-sational Spring Gallery

Please encourage your class and/or students to engage in this creative writing challenge that will amplify their voices and showcase their artistic talents. 

This invitation extends the experience of writing poetry beyond National Poetry Month because poetry is a YEAR-ROUND endeavor of creative expression. The challenge is full of choice options to amplify voice and integrates the arts, technology, and literacy. Have fun creating poetryliscious poetry.  the Poetry Friday Round-up with ARTSPEAK! Harlem Renaissance "Poems Come Lately"


Today, the Poetry Friday Round-up with ARTSPEAK! Harlem Renaissance "Poems Come Lately" by Irene Latham, children's book author and amazing poet is at Irene's blog site Live Your Poem.

Thank you to the Poetry Friday poets whose talented work graced the halls of my recently released Winter Wonderland Gallery of Artistic Expressions that can be found here

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