Sunday, April 15, 2018

Celebrate the Struggle

I've noticed that when I am in a time crunch life intersects and derails my plans? Has this ever happened to you?


Fails Me 
Leads Me On!
©CVarsalona, 2018
My thoughts in

Introduced to me by my poet friend, Donna Smith here.
Format: -12 lines of 60 syllables written in iambic meter 
-3 stanzas of 8,4,4,4 syllables each 
-Rhyme scheme: aabb, ccdd, eeff

When my iMac starts to mutter,
I clear clutter.
A mess I fear.
Strange things appear.

I call the genius on the phone-
In what time zone???
Doesn't matter.
Starts to chatter.

One big, endless conversation,
No oration.
Need to backup.
©CVarsalona, 2018

There it is, in a nutshell. Oh, did I mention that I also needed a new router? Now I am having issues with my printer that no longer connects to the iMac. I will need to make another phone call to Optimum now. 

When it rains it pours but I still celebrate the struggle because it will lead me to clean up my office clutter, post my winter gallery, and get a new iMac.

I created a video poem to advertisie the release of Winter Wonderland Gallery 
during 2018 National Poetry Month.  

You may enjoy checking out Wonderopolis' Wonder of the Day #883, 
"When Is Technology Old."

I am celebrating this week's technology struggle with Ruth Ayres and her writing community at #celebratelu.

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