Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Poetry Bliss

When the muse calls, word weaving follows and perhaps, if I am in the zone, a poem evolves. This is a euphoric experience for me. When this occurs, I am totally wrapped in a poetic moment that suspends time. I mindfully engage in the moment that leads to other gathering moments. 

What triggers this spurt of creativity? It can be a simple noticing, a sound that opens my day, or a text that I am reading. Whatever sends me into a write zone is a pleasurable experience. 

a sigh of bliss
a poetic kiss
fragrant grace
a happiness place
a beach kite
pure delight

What else has afforded me poetic bliss this month?

- On April 9, 2018, I enthusiastically moderated the #NYEDChat / #WonderChat combo convo, "Poetry Is for Everyone," with John MacLeod from Wonderopolis and my friends/guest poet hosts, Irene Latham, Laura Purdie Salas, and Charles Waters. 

  • The chat was an amazing roller coaster ride of poetry bliss and #poetrylove. I thanked everyone for their poetic hearts and conversations that floated into the Twittersphere. You can access the trending on Twitter conversation with resources gathered here.

-Yesterday on #EarthDay2018, I unveiled my Winter Wonderland Global Gallery of Artistic Expressions after a #winterinspring phenomenon occurred. 

  • Please consider taking a gallery walk through an array of vivid nature photographs, image poems, and inspirational quotes while listening to two original compositions, one from Kevin Hodgson and the other from Kat Healy. 
  • This gallery is a tribute to the majesty of Mother Earth during the winter season and the strength of poetic voice. Some of Two Writing Teachers slicers are showcased in the gallery that also features Poetry Friday writers; #stuvoice is clearly evident, as well as other voices from around the world. 
  • You can enter the gallery here to enjoy a virtual gallery walk during National Poetry Month. 

Each Tuesday, Two Writing Teachers offers Slice of Life Tuesday. I will meet-up with other writers there. Join me. 

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