Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Recently, I watched my grandbaby gingerly rise and take a few cautious steps across the deck. Then, she plopped down. She rose, tried again, and we all clapped. She was determined to triumph on her way to mastering walking.  We recognized and acknowledged her efforts as a life step in learning.

As we move into the new school year, I recall this event and am reminded that we, as educators, parents, and grandparents, need to be the champions of our children. 

We encouraged our little one despite her many false attempts at walking while guiding her on, and applauded her attempts to become a walker. She knew she was in a safe environment with people who cared for her well-being. So too, in the classroom, educators as positive role models and influencers, need to watchfully observe students' movements, encourage their attempts to succeed, and celebrate their milestones. In turn within a culture of trust, students must find their stride, aim for a goal, and move gingerly toward its completion. 

At the start of school each year, educators, guides on the journey of learning, bring their passions and dreams for a hopeful future. They steer the ship to cross endless waters with their students bringing them the joys of lifelong learning.

Are we ready for this journey? I see that many educators on social media are either already embarking on a new year of exploration and discovery or just about to start their school year. 

Let's navigate through clear and muddy waters to #StartStrong!
I'm Ready!


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