Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tranquility at Water's Edge

When dark clouds rest heavily across a summer sky, many beachgoers are dissuaded from traveling to the shore but today the beach lured me closer.

Was it greying clouds,
the heaviness of forecasted rain,
or a desire to be part of the sea's mystery?
The boardwalk stood still 
against a rushing sea
emptying itself of encumbrances.
Walkers, chatting at a low hum,
strolled its structure.
A solitary bike abandoned
celebrated tranquility.
It was a summer day to
notice and quietly observe.
©CV, 2018, Long Beach, NY

water's edge watches
stretching its ripples of foam -
peaceful accord
©CV, 2018, Long Beach, NY

When was the last time you took time to quietly watch waves move in undulating motion or fall into tranquility's arms? No matter where you live, take time to transport yourself to water's edge, listening to the gentle sounds of nature. 
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*The black and white photography will be shared at #TheArtofSummering Gallery next month. 

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