Friday, September 28, 2018

Listening to the Roaring Waves

While preparing for the unveiling of “The Art of Summering Gallery of Artistic Expressions, I  took a week-long detour to present at the National Center for Families Learning Conference in Fort Lauderdale and visit friends and family in both Bonita Springs and Palm Beach Gardens. With a "summer frame of mind", I experienced nature’s touch from cloudy skies that broke into thunderous roars of intense rainfall to exquisitely-hued sunrises and sunsets. Each day, the moon and the stars dressed in sparkling shades and the ocean roars lulled me to sleep. From one coast of southern Florida to the other, my husband and I enjoyed the Floridian sights, the presence of a still visibly strong summer season and the opportunity to continue the "art of summering" after its designated end. Needless to say, I immersed myself in the experience, collecting magical memories to reflect upon during the cold winter months.

In my post, Anticipation, I stated that the art of summering is listening to the ocean waves and wondering, such a simple act that I engaged in while in Fort Lauderdale.  Each morning and night, I heard the ocean call. On two mornings, I engaged in beach yoga before sunrise and deeply reflected on the presence of the moon, its descent, and the rising of the sun. From these experiences, I wrote a questioning poem.

Questioning Life, the Mystical Mover

How would my life have been different
if I only knew
to pause and savor quiet moments more often?

How would my life have been different
if I only knew
to view silver raindrops as day brighteners, not negatives?

How would my life have been different
if only I acted with patience
as nature slowly paraded in front of me?

How would my life have been different
if "what if" reflections
marked the beginning of the journey?

...and so now, I listen intently to the roaring waves
throwing out one question,
"How can I find balance in life to make a difference?"
©"CVarsalona, 2018

The above poem and digital inspirations are being offered to Michelle H. Barnes for her September Ditty Challenge from the inspirational poet, Naomi Shihab. We were asked to write a letter to ourself in which we asked some questions that we didn't have to answer. You can access all of the responses to the challenge at Michelle's Ditty of the Month Club September Padlet
Before I post my poem on the padlet, I will stop at Jone Rush MacCulloch's blog site, Deo Writer: Musings to Spark the Spirit, for the Poetry Friday Roundup. 
Photograph/Logo created by Jone MacCulloch

I am dedicating this weekend to put the finishing touches on The Art of Summering Global Gallery of Artistic Expressions. Stay tuned for the unveiling announcement. 

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