Friday, December 14, 2018

#haikuforhope-Crescent Moon

Since I cannot wish upon a star here on Long Island, I have been staring at the crescent moon for several nights. It has provided a brilliant light in the dark indigo sky and has become my channel for hope this week.

Day 1

Day 2

Pixabay Photo

weary from to-dos
rushed pace sets holiday tone-
moon slice quiets earth
©CV, 2018


As I am in the decorating mode, preparing for Christmas, the following #haikuforhope evolved.

crescent moon shimmers
decorates holiday sky-
amidst darkness
©CV, 2018

Thanks to my Poetry Friday writing colleague, Catherine Flynn, a group of writers are engaging in a daily writing practice, #haikuforhope. I have been happy to participate in this community effort with Linda Baie, Mary Lee Hahn, Julieanne Harmatz, Molly Hogan, Jone MacCulloch, Linda Mitchell, Heidi Mordhorst, Jean LaTourette, Mandy Robek, and Margaret Simon beside Catherine Flynn.

My one word for 2018 is hope so this writing opportunity is extending my reflecting time.

Now I turn my attention to the Poetry Friday Roundup at Laura Shovan's blog. Laura has a special guest, poet Jona Colson, who is sharing a beautiful winter poem full of imagery, just it time for the official transition of fall into winter.

Note: I have collected the artistic expressions that were sent to me for my upcoming Abundant Autumn Gallery. December is a busy month so I have not had the time to start the design phase. Stay tuned. 

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