Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Step Forward!

From deep within,
a seed of thought develops. 
It nestles into a corner;
Finds space to grow;
Releases some energy.

Last night at the #TeachWrite chat, we were talking about what inspires us to write. I replied, "Some days I wonder what to write about or where the inspiration will come from." All day, I continued to ponder this so tonight while chatting with my #DareToBe friends about confidence, I was inspired by their conversation to jump in and write my thoughts. I responded to the first question with a digital inspiration (see above). Ideas flowed and out popped a poem.  It was the break from academic writing that allowed me to go back to the thoughts that have been churning inside since last night. It is interesting how a word, image, or occurrence can generate new ideas and the energy to write creatively. 

Confidence allowed me to step forward and transform a possibility into a reality. 

What will you do tomorrow to take a leap of faith?

I plan on believing, trusting, and relying on my one word, hope, to guide me.

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers.
I am delighted that I could take a few minutes to write down the thoughts that have been fermenting all day. 

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