Thursday, December 27, 2018

Early Winter Walk

In the glare of the midday sun, we travelers peacefully walk along a winding Virginia pathway, canopied by towering trees left leafless from autumn's parting. Only faint sounds of children are heard from a distant playground when suddenly, the sky opens to a swoosh of flight. Two stealthy hawks dart upward showing their soaring prowess while an owl quietly rests. Nature holds court in its sanctuary of stillness as early winter enters. 

december stillness 
embraces fall's resting breath-
winter finds her home
©CVarsalona, 2018


Many thanks to my poet friends, Linda Mitchell who wrote a haibun in response to one written by Laura Shovan. A haibun is a poetic form that combines a prose poem with a haiku. In this sequence, I focused on autumn's departure, winter's arrival, and one of the nature trails that are prevalent in the Reston, Virginia neighborhood where my daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby live. 

My one word hope has followed me throughout this year and especially during the month of December as a group of poets have written under the hashtag #haikuforhope.

Since I missed Poetry Friday last week because of pre-Christmas travel to Virginia, I look forward to joining our host Donna Smith this week and reading what my colleagues have for the last Poetry Friday of 2018. 

I will be offering my Abundant Autumn Gallery to social media soon. Stay tuned!

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