Tuesday, January 28, 2020

From Whence Joy Comes

“Joys come from simple and natural things; mist over meadows, sunlight on leaves, the path of the moon over water. Even rain and wind and stormy clouds bring joy.”
-Sigurd F. Olson

Even traveling to the beach on a winter day brings joy.

winter awakens
sun shines, ocean roars, gull swoon
peace surrounds
shadows play, birds
gather, waiting patiently-
ungloved hand reaches
pause time happening
staring into the expanse
listen, ocean calls
strumming guitar merges
uplifted voice to ocean-
melodic tune
Joyful winter walk
slight breeze sweeps across sand
awakening life
Joy comes from simple and natural things!
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  1. "Even traveling to the beach on a winter day brings joy." - You are reading my mind.
    Such a rich offering of photos and poetry in this slice. Thank you!

    1. Terje, I need a dose of nature photography from Estonia. Are you still clicking your camera? I hope so.

  2. Lovely photos, Carol; you’ve reminded me of the pleasure I find in inclement weather these days. Maybe it’s the way clouds, rain, mist all make me feel cocooned and protected. I think I need to explore this more.

    1. Glenda, it is a positive stance that will allow you to notice and observe more deeply. I love the words you used, "cocooned and protected" to describe your feelings. It is good to be comforted during colder months.

  3. You so beautifully show that not can be found all around us if we just take the time to look.

    1. I am always trying to look more closely at nature to find the balance between the intensity of writing and the simplicity of noticing; Within the two lies a state of inspired pause. I am seeking to find that pause state to heighten my awareness and enrich my creative nature.

  4. All nature round us sings - the windswept beach in winter has its own wild tune, stirring deep longings, I think, for things eternal. My husband loves the beach in winter, no matter how cold or bleak. There's stark beauty in the barrenness, the simplicity, of it - and how that comes through your poem.

    1. Fran, this is a beautiful reply to my photo poem series.
      And here is how I see your reply developing into a poem:

      All nature round us sings.
      The windswept beach in winter
      Has its own wild tune,
      Stirring deep longing.
      There stark beauty in
      Winter's bareness,
      Simplicity in its bleakness.
      All things round us sing
      nature's own wild tune.
      Thank you. As my colleagues have said, "Poetry begets poetry."
      If you use your prose as an introduction and add a haiku, your poem becomes a haibun. You should try to write in this format if you consider the March Slice of Life.

  5. I love your reflections of enjoying the beach in winter. Love your fairst haiku - "Winter awakens...peace surrounds." I walked the pocket parks of our lake on Monday and Tuesday. So satisfying even with clouds and grey and mist.