Monday, January 27, 2020


For years, we have discussed the importance of reading for children. Respected experts in literacy have provided guidance and tips for families, schools, and communities to encourage learners to become lifelong reading and writers. Historical figures, such as Frederick Douglass, have also voiced their opinion: "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." While Douglass' comment is particular to the time period, it has merit in today's society. Reading opens doors of knowledge, builds vocabulary, increases language and critical thinking skills, and sparks imagination and inquiry for all children. Through books and other reading materials, learners freely explore the wonders of the world.

We have heard and read other outstanding quotes about the importance of reading but I have never been so impressed than listening to the following amazing speech by a brilliant four-year-old. This youngster places emphasis on what reading can do and with an appealing style encourages others to discover the wonders of reading. 

Tonight, #NYEDChat will enlist educators, parents, students, and colleagues from all walks of life to join their voices with my fabulous creative guest moderators, Peter H. Reynolds, Paul Reynolds, and Susan Verde. We will discuss 2020, the Year of Reading. In a 21st Century world, "Literacy is mission-critical"-Paul Reynolds. We must problem solve the issues before us. Reading will bring clarity and resources to pressing topics.

Questions for Discussion
Q1 In a world where the global family must communicate and collaborate to solve the planet’s most challenging problems, Literacy is increasingly mission-critical. What do you think are the most essential things we can do to promote a culture of joyful reading?  #NYEDChat
Q2 Have you seen NYSED’s Lifelong Practices of Readers & Writers? Which of these 16 lifelong practices resonate most strongly with you? #NYEDChat
Q3 It is said that “Children are made readers on the lap of their parents.” Emilie Buchwald but sometimes home is not the or the only place where reading happens and it is teachers and mentors who also help “make” a reader. Recall a personal example of this statement. #NYEDChat
Call to action! What can we as parents, educators, or administrators do to make 2020 the Year of the Reader? What creative strategies will spark and accelerate this movement? (#Reflaction) #NYEDChat

William Faulkner's terse statement, "Read, read, read," is what lifelong readers do, but how about those who do not know the pleasures of reading a good book? We need to find strategies to encourage all students to read from toddler years on. 

Please consider joining our chat or scheduling answers to the above questions so that people across the world can engage in a positive call to action in 2020 as "the Year of Reading".

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