Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Balancing My Days During Quarantine Life

In the midst of COVID-19, instead of life slowing down considerably, it is full of activity. This makes balancing a difficult act at this time. 

The pandemic caused me to reflect constantly. What was happening to life as I knew it? and How can I find happiness in the midst of sorrow? were questions I asked. The following quote by C. G. Jung brought some ideas into focus. "Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness and the word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness." Thinking back on January 1, 2020, I remembered that I started the year with one word, balance, and a renewed spirit of commitment. I welcomed in a new decade with the statement, "Cease the busyness to find evocative moments to savor." That I did when my new granddaughter, Aurora, was born with a sweetness about her and a loving smile that makes any heart melt. Then, the pandemic erupted and threw me off course. 

Fear was everywhere. Sadness increased each day. As the days turned into months shifts in lifestyles occurred. My once-known normalcy was lost but faith and trust lifted me up. "A just balance and scales are the Lord's; all the weights in the bag are His work." Proverb 16:11, shined a light in both dark days and ones filled with a commitment to take baby steps forward. 

Quarantine life continued to focus on finding balance in troubled waters. To be honest, the beginning months were tough. Yoga classes were suspended and unfortunately, my exercise routine dwindled down to nothing. Perhaps, this reasoning will suffice. At the end of February, my husband and I made a leap-of-faith decision to build a new home in Virginia for the next chapter in our life story. This strategic move places me 30 minutes away from my daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters. My sister even decided to jump in and build a home on one of the few homesites left. With hope and faith, I worked virtually for months with the design team to build this new home. 

Arriving home today from a quick-paced 3-day visit with the construction team, design studio consultant, and looking for new furniture has left me exhausted but not as unbalanced as I have felt. The memories of my granddaughters' smiles and laugher will keep me happy and ready to push forward. Follow my story in the weeks to come as I move through the next phase of selling my house and packing decades of memories along with items for the move. Whew! 

Before the Pre-Dry Wall Walkthrough

Tonight and tomorrow, I host Spiritual Journey Thursday with long-distant friends who gather together as a committed community of writers under the new leadership of Margaret Simon. Join me here all day tomorrow for thoughts on balancing our days during quarantine life.

Spiritual Journey Thursday

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  1. Carol, I recall how your word for 2020 is "balance" (even that number looks balanced) - and the year has been anything but! Yet you always manage to find equilibrium in nature, in poetry, in love, in wonder, and you unfailingly impart it to us. I love the baby's name, Aurora, meaning "dawn." We need that light of new life and hope. It is also the name of the town where my grandparents lived and where my father was born, so, deep layers of meaning to me. In spite of the havoc wrought by the virus, how wondrous is it to be catapulted toward your family? A fascinating balances lies herein ... as always you bolster my faith and enable me to find a haven of peace.

    Today I shared an elegy for a friend who lived a life of much suffering and astonishing accomplishment - I am grateful for his extraordinary understanding and example of faith. He's a spiritual journey hero.

    Thank you, Carol.

    1. Fran, I always feel a close connection to you when we exchange posts. I did not think about the balance of the year's numbers and yet it is so obvious when I look at the way it is configured. Right now the stress level is high because there are so many balls to juggle today so your response made me pause and take a deep breath. I am looking forward to reading your post.

  2. Carol, I didn't realize you were building a house in Virginia. How exciting to be closer to your girls! Thanks for hosting today. I'll finish up my post soon and link up.

    1. Margaret, there was so much going on during the beginning of the pandemic that I decided to wait until I could go down to see the house in the built stage. It has been quite a hectic time of my life. Hence, there is a need for balance.

  3. Finding balance in troubled waters - you have leaped in with both feet. Looking forward to watching your new home come to life and your journey to VA. Congrats, I'm glad you'll be closer to your beautiful girls.