Thursday, July 16, 2020

Clunker Line Poem

There are three questions that I have been reflecting upon lately. I throw these questions out to everyone to hear how you feel.
  1. Do you feel that your "Quarantine Life" is in overdrive? 
  2. Is there tension in the air in your household? 
  3. Do you need a reminder to stay positive?
I created a poem, Tension in the Air,  from a list of clunker lines that my librarian-poet friend, Linda Mitchell provided at her blog site, A Word Edgewise. I chose #13, Sounds of the pandemic and #15, a script we know by heart

Tension in the Air 
   screams of quarantine boredom
   slice through a silent house
   cabin fever woes rise
   too-hot-to-handle heat sizzles
   drenching drip-drops rain down
   pandemic sounds RAGE-
   as a script many now know by heart
         How can we end the maddening sounds?
                                                                                                 ©CVarsalona, 2020

Then, I transformed my poem into a Lumen 5 video poem using the title from the music the site provided that fit well as a title, Tension in the Air.

Now, it is my pleasure to give Linda a couple of unfinished lines to play with: "relentless seeker of life", "golden beam of luminous lightand "rainsoaked blossoms".

Since it is a hot summer day, I decided to bring an ice cream float to surprise my poet friend, Jan Godown Annino who is hosting Poetry Friday at Bookseed Studio. Check out her original poem Float as she reminisces about her mother.
I am adding the link to Spiritual Journey Thursday where I am hosting. You will find more poetic goodness written by Poetry Friday friends there. Feel free to write a post on balancing your days or the word balance. 


  1. To answer your questions, yes, yes and yes. Thanks for sharing your tension release poem and poem video. Your creativity is a great outlet for your feelings. :)

    1. It is good to know that I am not the only one who feels the pressure of the pandemic growing, Bridget. I am thankful that poetry is a good antidote for pandemic blues.

  2. WOW, that is such a departure from your usual poems, Carol. Full of drama and emotion. Love it--and yes to 1 and 2. I do a good job of staying positive, and reading PF posts is always one way to do it:>)

  3. Wow! Carol. This is incredible...I love the music and the lines of the poem together in your video. And, whoo hooo! A clunker has found a home. Yay! I love how you turned it into a working poem. Nice job, friend. I will take your clunker lines and add them to my workshop table. You just never know what they might spark. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Linda, for your clunker lines. The sparked my imagination but I have to say that my poem was based on reality. A little of this and a lot of that...

  4. "Yes" times 3, alas. But I love these clunkers...I read some of Linda's, and now you've done quite well with yours with such a thoughtful poem!

  5. Carol, you nailed it! Wow! Yes, I have been needing help to stay positive lately. Turning off the TV helps!

  6. Dear Carol, it's been quite rollercoasterish for me. I am currently spending a lot of time in nature, on the lake, and in books of poetry, so I feel cocooned at the moment. But there have been some really tough times as well, that's for sure. Thank you for reminding us we are not alone with our feelings! xo

  7. I loooove your poem Carol-so much reality in there and your video is the icing on the cake. I'm so glad I have a garden to look after, even if I haven't had much leisure time to spend in it–my online teaching takes up a lot of time-hence not much free-time for me–definite yes to your questions… Thanks!

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