Thursday, January 14, 2021

New Year Gifts

This year started with hope, my one word begin, and a collection of poetry postcards to decorate my writing desk. 

As a collector of Victorian and vintage items, I have always enjoyed the art of postcard writing.  I am grateful to Jone MacCulloch for bringing back this art with the New Year Poetry Postcards Exchange. I also extend thanks to our poetry community for bringing  good cheer to my home this January.

     Welcome to this January's Mini-Gallery of New Year 2021 Poetry Postcards    

Each poetry postcard below is a beautiful and unique gift from poetry friends. 
I shall cherish them throughout the years.

Jone MacCulloch sent greetings in Scottish Gaelic and English.
recently minted
shiny coin of here and now
ready to be spent
-Mary Lee Hahn
In 2021, Year of the Ox, my wish for you and yours:
& Peace
Plus Inspiration for
Your Creative Endeavors
-Diane Mayr
Linda Mitchell, Bookmark and Poem
                                                              Connection longing
                                                              Watching the great conjunction
                                                              Universal hope
                                                                                -Kimberly Hutmacher
-Margaret Simon
January Sprints
past New Year's
merry making-
Springtime is waiting. 
-Janice Scully
Turning the clock back to the early 1900s, I linger over W.A. Martin's postcard to a dear friend.  

Karen Eastlund states in her recent blog, Good Gifts:
Scripture tells us that "Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above."
James 1:17 

I am reminded that the above poetry greetings share the essence of kindness, sweet nuggets of wisdom to fill the receiver's day. As a gesture of kindness, I send these postcards off to you to brighten your January, dear friends.

Enjoy the Year of the Ox!

I am strolling over to Margaret Simon's blog, Reflections on the Teche, where I was writing to the picture prompt she posted. Margaret is hosting Poetry Friday this week and shares her nestling poems created by her students and herself.

Picture Prompt

My Reply:

 I hear the howl of the night wind and reflect: 
winter bares its soul
in nighttime stillness
moonglow softly shines.
©CV, 2021


  1. What treasures those postcards are, Carol! Thanks for sharing them and your beautiful poem. I love the idea of winter baring its soul.

    1. Rose, thanks for being the first to comment. The poetry postcard exchange is a wonderful project to brighten our #pandemiclife.

  2. Gorgeous collection - I can only imagine the creativity sparked there at your writing desk by so many good wishes from around the world. I love Margaret's compelling photo and haven't written to it yet - your reflective verse captures the mood so well.

    1. Fran, the poetry gifts I received are so full of wonder and joy! It has been fun receiving the postcards and reflecting on them. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. It's quite a wonderful thing to see some fabulous mail in my mailbox instead of ads & junk for sure, Carol. And now you're giving us a new look at the year of the Ox. I love it, too! Have a wonderful weekend! And thanks for the special sharing!

    1. Linda, it is always great to hear from you. I do get excited when I get personal mail, especially poetry postcards. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Thanks for sharing your postcard treasures of words wed with images, and your mystery filled moonglow poem and image Carol!

    1. Thank you, Michelle, for dropping by. I appreciate it, especially your comment.

  5. I get excited when I get personal mail too! I love it. And, the creativity of the postcard exchange is wonderfully inspiring. You've created a beautiful digital gallery to enjoy of collected poetry and friendship. Lovely.

    1. Linda, the creativity of the postcards bring joy as do the intentions of each gift. I am impressed by the uniqueness of each gift of poetic goodness.

  6. Gratitudes to Jone for coordinating the New Year's postcards. Such fun!

  7. Goodness, what beauty here! I especially love seeing the different incarnations of Ox. Thank you, Carol, as ever. xo

  8. What a beautiful January gallery. Thank you for sharing these treasures with all of us. They do brighten my day.

  9. Carol, I love when you do mini-galleries! When it's a link to a full gallery, I often have to come back later because I don't have time for the whole thing. But when there's 7-10 pieces, they're so appealing I can't break away and I devour them all immediately. These are just wonderful, and so is your reply. I love how . . . physical it feels. Winter baring its soul is amazing, and that moonglow . . .

  10. The postcards are all placed in my notebook to give me inspiration throughout the year. Thanks for sharing them all. And your small poem to my photo is bittersweet in the peacefulness and sadness of the bare night branches.

    1. Margaret, we are all blessed to be part of this inspiring circle of friends. I am glad that you nudged me to create a quick poem in response to your amazing photo. Have a great day of peace.