Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Blossoms of Joy

Each year, I look forward to May's celebratory nod to nature. This year, I celebrate the bounty of the earth in a new location. What better way to bring joy to my new space than to explore nature, take photos, digitize them, and write poetry when I am not unpacking boxes!

Outside, pots are full of blossoms and ferns. Inside, artificial floral displays adorn the house. I sort, organize, and sometimes have enough time to walk the creek path near my house, listen to bird calls, and view small patches of wildflowers. On Sunday, we went to an outdoor Mass at a local farm's barn. While listening to the priest, nature surrounded us under bright clouds and sky. The colors of spring popped and we were at peace.

Today, I sit at my desk watching the sky turn from gray to clear sunshine while composing this post. As host of Spiritual Journey Thursday this month, I offer the theme, Blossoms of Joy or any variation, for you to ponder and create your own blog post, poem, inspirational thought, or any other artistic expression.     

In praise of May's blossoms and Earth's greenery, I give  thanks to the Almighty Creator,
the ultimate, artistic benefactor of beauty, peace, and love.  

 "May my soul bloom in love for all existence." -Rudolf Steiner
Using this beautiful quote, I created a golden shovel poem.

Blossoms of May
bring joy to my
being and peace to my soul.
In faith, I seek more than one bloom
to spread seeds of kindness in
abundance so love
can reach out for
to brighten Earth's existence.
 ©CV, 2021

In Virginia, I find cherry blossom and trees adorning highways and parks. Their beauty is so inspiring that I requested the builders' landscaping department to plant both a cherry and pear tree on my property. This Friday, my cherry tree and azaleas will arrive. I will enjoy their blossoms for years to come and give "praise with elation, praise every morning-God's recreation of the new day." This line from Cat Stevens song, Morning Has Broken, is a gentle song of praise sung at my church wedding ceremony. It is one that brings back a sweet memory of a fragrant gardenia adorning my hair.

white floral
blooming bright
placed in hair

soft vocals
flowed from lips
church listened

praise lifted
for this day-
©CV, 2021, tribcube poem

Have you ever watched flowers dance? See a short time lapse video of blooming flowers dancing.

like flowers we bloom
with radiance in springtime-
 our mindful practice
©CV, 2021, #poemsofpresence

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. - Revelation 4:11


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I look forward to reading your posts. Enjoy springtime.


  1. Carol, it's so fun to read about you falling in love with Virginia. I love the way spring comes here. It's a party of red bud, cherry blossom, daffodil and iris. Thank you for hosting this month.

    1. Linda, my new license plate reads "Virginia is for Lovers" so yes, I am enjoying the landscape, the beautiful trees but am so surprised by the quick flash rains, the sweeping away of patio furniture, and then, the return to sunshine. The flowers in VA are even different than on LI. So much to learn, so much to do to get organized but tonight I feel rejuvenated as I wrote.

  2. This is a gorgeous offering of poetry and praise, Carol - a glorious celebration of spring, love, life, creation, and the Creator. One comes away rejoicing for every gift. Thank you for this today!

    1. This is my praise and thanksgiving post. It's #ThankfulThursday today, Fran-thank you for joining in. I truly enjoyed your post.

  3. Feeling your joy at being where you are! Thanks for hosting today and sharing beautiful thoughts and images. Morning Has Broken is a favorite. I know all the words.

    1. I am so happy that I am close to family here. Today, I met a group of ladies who create monthly bouquets of flowers for those in hospice care. My son and I joined the group and I will be back next month to help out. I would love to hear you sing Morning Has Broken. Thank you for your inspirational post.

  4. Carol: I'm so glad you are enjoying your new surroundings, even if you still have boxes to unpack. Moving is such a long process! Thank you for this beautiful post, the words of praise at the end "Thou art worthy" are a lovely to start my day. Thank you! And thanks for hosting... many blessings to you.

    1. Karen, I am so glad that you joined in this month. I look forward to reading your post.

  5. Your post was the perfect prompt. Thank you for leading us this month!

    1. Chris, thank you for joining me at SJT. I am so delighted that you are now a member of our writing community. Thanks also for the comment. May your week blossom with joy.

  6. Carol, thanks for your meditation and creations on blossoms of joy. Your words are truly a gift to us during this spring season. The grand boys are here for a sleepover and we watched the flowers dancing video at dinner. Morning Has Broken brings back lovely memories (almost forty years ago) of the two years I taught at Monte Cassino in Tulsa and attended mass with our students. One of the teachers accompanied us on her guitar and this song was always a favorite.

    1. Ramona, I hope the boys liked the time lapse video of the dancing flowers and your Mother's Day was filled with blossoms of joy. Have a blooming good week.