Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Writing, A Unique Gift

Writing holds a unique gift. It is my quiet time to meander through the back channels of my mind, a time to allow words to ruminate and float in a circular pattern. A sequence of thoughts builds within only to be mulled over and splashed across a page like an artist's brush on canvas. With each stroke, a new layer forms until a single thought develops into an expression of joy. Digital tools enhance my word weaving process adding a different look while poetry adds enough zest to radiate my thoughts in many directions. 

Welcome to my New Gardens

 A guided tour of my perennial and herb gardens will be uploaded when I can get access to my account but for the time being join me at Two Writing Teachers for the Slice of Life.


  1. Carol, your words about writing are a beautiful painting and garden full of flowers. Thank you for your lovely expressions. The radiating joy in your real flowers is beautiful too.

  2. Carol, I had always told my students that writers are artists who use words to paint pictures instead of paints. I think springtime flowers bring a special joy because they appear after the dreary drabness of winter- which has its own type of beauty.

  3. I never thought of writing as a gift. Thank you for this lovely idea! :)

  4. I love how you start with writing as unique and then compare it to so many other things - and yet, it is still its own thing. And I can't wait to see your garden!

    1. My garden is thriving, Amanda. The weather is warm here and will reach high 80s and maybe 90 by this weekend so I need to see if the plants will survive. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  5. Writing IS a unique gift, Carol, allowing us to live more deeply and gratefully. I sense these each time I read your posts as well - they are also gifts!

  6. Writing becomes a cleansing activity, doesn't it? Getting those thoughts out on paper is a bit like digging in the garden, with expression-flowers as the result. Thanks for the brief respite with your spring joy today!

  7. I love your life equation! We have been doing these in kindergarten! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words on this post and all your others. It always gives me a moment of peace and breath to read yours.