Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Bringing Nature Inside - Slice of Life

Nature is a gift even during hot, humid weather. From inside my air-conditioned home, I look out to view the beauty of velvet green grass, the edges of green leaves, and the pizzazz of vibrant blossoms. Since some of my beautiful, young plants have perished under the heat and others nibbled on by the local wildlife, I decided to bring nature indoors for my viewing pleasure. I created an outside and inside wreath with vases of artificial flowers to keep the spirits up on hot, humid days. 

Branch out
With graceful charm.
Stetch to grasp spring's last days.
Welcome the heated breath of June.
©CV, 2021

I have one more poem with a new-to-me format, the dodoitsu. Thanks to Donnetta Norris for introducing me to the Japanese poetic form that has 4 lines with neither meter or rhyme. It does focus on syllables (seven in the first three lines and five in the last line. Writers Digest also notes that the last line "focuses on love or work with a comical twist." 
Have I mentioned before that my husband often says I lack a humorous side?This is true so below is my feeble attempt at humor based me trying to organize the unorganized parts of my new house. No matter what I do, I create more of a mess with the vast array of unopened boxes. 
circle of love welcomes all
to enter our new abode
with care step lightly across
the box danger zone
©CV, 2021, draft

It's Slice of Life Tuesday so I amtraveling over to Two Writing Te.achers to offer my slice
May the essence of spring fill your life with joy as it has done for me.


  1. Carol, nature is a gift any season of the year. It's beauty is always there for us to behold if we are open to it. I can relate to plants being nibbled on by local wildlife. That happens often here, but then I think of the joy I get watching the animals and can't stay angry for long. Your wreath is lovel. I am sure it brings a smile to your face every time you see it.

    1. Me wreaths are my way of welcoming people in, even with the boxes and ladders still part of the moving decor, Bob. Have a great day!

  2. Carol, what a beautiful post with your poems and flower wreath art. Wonderful! And good job making us laugh in the box danger zone. I'm going to add the dodoitsu to my future poem list! :) Thank you for sharing.

    1. Denise, when you write your dodo it’s please let me know. Wreath art is a good term. I think I will use it when sharing.

  3. I love your sense of humor with the boxes. I hate moving and know exactly of which you speak. I want to try out this form. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Margaret, let me know when you try out the form. I would love to see how you play with words and bring in humor.

  4. I love this Carol! And, I love that I have a new poetry form to try out thanks to Donnetta and to you! Also, love your wreaths!

    1. Thanks, Elisa, for stopping by and let me know when you try out the new poetic form.