Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Sparkle On, America!

The Fourth of July is a day to celebrate with family. Instead of a barbecue, we decided to find an outdoor restaurant for a family favorite-breakfast. Wth the sun shining, we celebrated in style. The little grandgirls were decked out in  holiday outfits creating a celebratory flair to the beginning of the day.

Hours later as daylight turned into a rich shade of sunset, the family gathered again for a local firework show across Lake Thoreau, in Reston, Virginia. Sitting picnic-style we watched a sparkling spectacle of outdoor joy.  As kayaks circled the lake, barges readied for the show.

Fireworks popped as crowds squealed with delight. Oohs, Ahs!, and clapping echoed as night's colors became the backdrop for a magnificent light show. 

freedom bursts
fill the night air with hope-
strike up the band
© CV, 2021

The red and white and starry blue Is freedom's shield and hope".-John Philip Sousa

Fourth of July is a day to connect with loved ones and share in the hope that freedom brings.

With regrets for strolling into Two Writing Teachers late, I send this slice of life off. The activities of the past days have worn me out. While I wrote this slice just before the deadline, I fell asleep before sending it out. 


  1. It was lovely to read about the pleasant and joyous 4th of July celebrations.

  2. Sparkling spectacle of outdoor joy, indeed! All across the land.

  3. Carol, the 4th is a day of celebration. Sounds like yours lasted from sun up to sun down. Spending the day with family is the best way to celebrate anything. I am sure the girls were excited by the fireworks.

  4. I'm adding your words to my word journal, 'a sparkling spectacle.' Glad you had a great day with family! :)

  5. The grandgirls' holiday attire is so precious and festive, Carol. I can imagine how "wowed" they were by the fireworks. I think the 4th festivities were needed more than ever this year. So glad you posted - let the celebration of country, freedom, fellowship, and family continue, in the sparkling lights of gratitude and hope.

  6. How fun to bookend your day with family and celebrations! Watching lakeside fireworks sounds like all kinds of perfection (not to mention fire safety)!!

  7. Carol, I'm happy you had a fulfilling and exciting July 4th with your family! Your photos are beautiful like paintings. Love your granddaughter's matching star dresses. (Reminds me a my youngest daughter's flag dress. She kept wearing even when she grew and it fit like a tee shirt.)I love your haiku. Thank you for sharing your delightful day and your inspiration.