Friday, January 14, 2022

What Birthday Girl Knows

Excitement was in the air last Sunday. My little grandgirl turned two years old. Our family gathered at her house to decorate with a Frozen theme while the little sisters slept.  A jeweled princess crown and presents were laid out. A blue foil-streamer walkthrough was set up for the princesses' entrance to the party and a beautiful cake embellished with dripped icings on a raised, tiered cake platter awaited. Frosted silver sprinkles glistened around a blue sparkle castle. We were all excited to see our little granddaughter's expressions. 

The question of the day was, Does Aurora really understand what a two-year-old birthday means? Of course, my thoughts went straight to poetry and digital art.

What Does the Birthday Girl Know

How to
Make an entrance
With a gown of royal semblance.
Wear a crown, dance around.
Share a smile, not a frown.
Find her royal toddler seat.
Pray with grace; begin to eat.
Search for a birthday sweet.
Stick a finger in the treat.
Make a delicious mess.
On her face and fancy dress
Clean her hands and face with ease.
Open her gifts with expertise.
Respond to age-related questions.
"Two" with a number of finger suggestions.
©CV, 2022

If you look back at my September 2021 post you will see another poem for Aurora when we still thought of her as a baby. Now, she is the big girl.

I take a few more steps backward to share my latest published poem in my wonderful poet-publisher friend, Bridget Magee's newest anthology 10*10.

I appreciate the opportunity afforded to me by Bridget. The following poem was written with Aurora in mind. I like to sing it instead of just reading it to her. We laugh when I sing because I use gestures and movements to make Aurora giggle.

Today is the Poetry Friday Roundup at the community's poet-author and recently retired keeper of the schedule, Mary Lee Hahn. Mary Lee has a succulent poem about a pomegranate, one of my favorite holiday treats. Thanks, Mary Lee for sharing your poem, What the Pomegranate Knows, and for giving me a format for my own poem today. Did I mention that I appreciate this weekly roundup because I get to savor all the poetic posts?

I also appreciate Linda Mitchell's star logo and the beautiful winter poem swap that she sent me. It lit up my holiday. I will share her work after I send mine out.


  1. How can Aurora be two already? Her birthday celebration, complete with royal court assembled, sounds delightful! And how perfect that she has another poem to honor this special event.

    1. Isn't it amazing how time flys by, Ramona? You should have seen how the little princesses waited until they were announced to come into the room. Royal Court indeed! I am aiming to write more poems for the little darlings so they can remember childhood moments when they are grown up.

  2. A two year-old doesn't know a THING about birthday celebrations...YET. But the stories you will tell, the photos you will share, the poems you are gathering...she will understand it all in time. You are making precious memories for her! Love that you used "What does a ___ know" for your inspiration!

    1. Mary Lee, thanks for the prompt to write this poem and digitize a photo. I appreciate that you added the word YET because words and photos are lasting memories that I hope Aurora will keep in her heart when she is older. Time to cuddle up. A storm is headed our way.

  3. Hooray for Aurora! I can't believe she's two already. My goodness. What a beautiful poem for her celebration. I love that she's holding out her little two fingers. Happy Birthday, Aurora.

    1. Serendipity, I was just at your blogpost at the same time you were at mine, Linda. The stars are aligned for us and may they continue to enrich our friendship. Thanks for joining the birthday celebration and yes, I also cannot believe our little Aurora is two. We missed most of her first year of life in person so I appreciate every moment I spend with her now.

  4. Carol, what a lovely post! Congratulations to the princess! What a fun poem you wrote about her, capturing some of those sweet moments at her second birthday party. I love the ten fingers and ten toes poem too. I had two copies of Bridget's book waiting for me in California, so I look forward to sitting with it very soon and reading all the poems cover-to-cover.

  5. I hope one day you gather all your grandchild poems into a book along with photos. what a gift it would be.

    1. That is what I would like to do, Jone. Enjoy your weekend. The snow is on its way.

  6. I agree, where did the last two years go… What a wonderful way to fill it with Aurora, her big sister, and many poems with them in tow! Love all your poetry creations here Carol, especially your skinny poem, "Celebrating Baby's Digits," thanks for your cup runneth over post! ^_^

  7. That sounds like a delightful party for the birthday girl and family alike! How fun to have a series of poems that she has inspired. Someday you'll be able to give her a book of poems all written for and about her!

  8. So fun! I love your poems for your granddaughter!

  9. Time moves so fast, Carol! Aurora is two, & my Ingrid will be thirteen this year! I hadn't realized others had posted on Friday, so am catching up. I've written many poems for the grands, and love that you are, too! Happy Birthday wishes to Aurora!

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