Friday, February 4, 2022

Heart Sense

Valentine's Day, a day filled with love, is coming soon. My family celebrated early since the little grandgirls were with us for five days. There was a good deal of heartfelt love spread around during the grandparenting sitting time. 

The little grandgirls bubbled with happiness from the moment they entered. Love was in the air during conversations. Hugs and high fives were exchanged and imaginative play offered time to observe loving interactions. Even the girl's dollies got their share of love. Hearts were full. 

Using Joy Harjo's poem For Keeps as a mentor text, I pen a poem for the little girls. Soon, it will be tucked into their valentine cards and placed in the little mailbox we decorated for Valentine's Day. 

Morning sun opens a new day.
We listen for the birds.
None are heard. 
The house is warm and cozy,
This is where I want to be,
Close to you, sharing love.

At night's edge, we say goodnight.
Love surrounds us. 
Twinkling lights on the
little Charlie Brown tree glow.
I urge both of you
to stop talking,
listen to the night.
"Hush", I whisper
knowing that dreams will surface
and we will be one
for keeps.
©CV, 2022, draft


Thank you, Elisabeth Norton for hosting Poetry Friday and leaving a light on so I can sneak in and place my post among the others in the community.


  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet. "This is where I want to be" should be a sign over every beloved Grandmother's door.

    1. Thanks for joining me here, Linda. I am grateful the Lord has opened my house up as a place of solace and good cheer for the little grandgirls. Bringing my family and me to VA was the best gift ever for now we are an integral part of our granddaughters' lives. This is where I want to be.

  2. Grandparenting time is the best! Thank you for this warm and love-filled post. I know you will be in their hearts for keeps. I love "night's edge" and the Hush. I have the habit of "hush, the naked bear will hear thee" and now one of my grands says it. Haha.

  3. What a heartwarming, cozy post. Love everything you shared, Carol. How lucky the grandgirls are to have poems written especially for them (the mailbox is wonderful!). Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. What a sweet poem and lovely traditions you are creating for your grand girls!

  5. Pure loving delight, Carol. I think your poetic advice for your granddaughters could apply to us all: "to stop talking,
    listen to the night." :)

  6. What a joyful time you must have had with them, Carol. You've shared some of the sweet treats but I'm sure there are more! I love the poem, and your description "At night's edge, we say goodnight." Sleeping tight!

  7. What delightful memories you are making with your grandgirls! Your poem is lovely - I like this line: At night's edge, we say goodnight. What a wonderful way to describe the end of the day. Thanks for joining the party this week!

  8. Carol, what a sweet love song to your little grandgirls.❤️