Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Summer Slipped Away in Robes of Glory

When summer gathers up her robes of glory and like a dream glides away (Sarah Helen Whitman), I remember sunsational moments. It is late evening and poetic thoughts rise in the darkness. I am reminded of my Australian poet/children's author, Sally Murphy's inspirational poem.
A poem comes
When it is ready
And writes itself
In the way it needs
To get its point across
©Sally Murphy, 2009

At this time of night, questions and an invitation come to mind from a past summer gallery, Introduction to Nurturing Our Summer Souls. I savored end-of-summer thoughts while mulling over what a new summer gallery should be titled. Many friends traveled to different destinations this summer, including my family who spent two vacations at nearby beaches, our go-to places to relax and enjoy life. At the end of summertime, a new summer gallery came to life. 

Celebrating Creativity and Voice

A gallery of artistic expressions
Comes together when writers
Capture photos,
Weave words,
And release them
Into an online space.
©CVarsalona, 2023


If interested, please add an artistic expression, an image poem, an inspirational quote, a drawing, or a nature photograph to my Destination: Summer's End Padlet. Student work is accepted as well. I plan to showcase a variety of adult and children's poems in a gallery format. My padlet will let me know when a new end-of-summer creation is added. Thank you to Margaret Simon's students for their contributions.

Each offering will be greeted with joyful thanks.

Slicers, please see the Nurturing Nature Our Summer Souls blog posts for sample image poems. You can click on each mini-gallery below.

Now, I join Two Writing Teachers for the Tuesday Slice of Life with gratitude to the slicers who participated in the 2021 Nurturing Our Summer Souls Gallery.


  1. What a beautiful use of community! Your padlet will connect writers of all ages, and places. I love the line “and release them into an online space.”

    1. Fran, thank you for joining me here. I left a comment on your blog about your lovely haiku. Building a community of writers showcasing their work is an important part of my galleries.

  2. I love a Padlet for creating a community of thinkers and writers. I can't wait to check it out! I also think it is wonderful that you are including student voice.

    1. I hope you enjoy the padlet that will turn into a gallery of artistic expressions. I would love for you to join in the poetry fun.

  3. Carol, I always enjoy your galleries. They offer such inspiration and joy. I love the idea that a poem writes itself when it is ready.

    1. Bob, I hope a new poem of yours can write itself and land on my Padlet. Carol