Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Moon Magic for Back-to-School Learners

It's back-to-school mode for educators and students around the globe. While it has been 10 years since I retired as a districtwide administrator, I began consulting with school districts. I taught teachers new ideas to bring a fresh look to learning using a mix of standards. 

With the weather being extremely hot in many parts of the country, it is important to keep students focused. This can be accomplished with new books, new classroom layouts, collaborative lessons, timely topics, and joyful learning.  

The moon has been trending as a timely topic with two different moon looks in August. Last week, I reviewed Irene Latham's new bookThe Museum On The Moon-The Curious Objects on the Lunar Surface. It is an exciting book that will be ready for public viewing on September 19th. It will make a great mentor text to explore a variety of poetic forms and nonfiction information about the moon as not only a marvelous sky phenomenon but a museum of curious objects. Are you intrigued? 

I believe that children will enjoy reading this book in collaborative groups that will lead to research, writing poems with different formats, and presentations of final products from an across-content area perspective. A final project like the creation of a moon gallery will showcase children's talent as artists, actors, and young writers/poets. Educators involved in joyful education in havens of learning offer students a wide range of exciting projects. Perhaps, this book will become a classroom favorite. 

This book accompanied by Wonderopolis articles on the moon are great classroom resources to encourage students to become wonderers of space.

fly me to the moon
via a brand-new book
that will make you swoon

quick write draft


The time has passed and I did not even realize it but I am still posting this to Two Writing Teachers as this week's Slice of Life. I hope that every educator will enjoy this school year and help students become wonderers of learning and life.


  1. This sounds like a great book for me to carry in my sub bag to have for those 'impromptu learning moments'...on top of which, I began wondering about those objects on the moon and have created my own list from my meager knowledge and now want to read the book to see how the two lists compare.

    1. Let me know what you think when you do get the book, Debbie Lynn. I think it will give you many ideas on how to bring the power of poetry to delight students since the moon is known to everyone.

  2. Carol, a book that sparks student interest is always a welcome addition to any classroom. This sounds like a book that can lead students into so many research projects as well as providing creative ways for them to share what they have discovered.

    1. Thanks for stopping by this morning, Bob. This book is not only rich in content. Illustrator Myriam Wares has created amazing scenes of beautiful blue backgrounds to adorn the book. It is a special book that combines poetry, art, and science into one phenomenal tribute to NASA space travel and out marvelous moon.

  3. Aww! I am the one swooning, Carol! Lovely! Thank you. xo

    1. Irene, I just saw your comment. Thanks for writing this phenomenal book with oodles of poetic goodness.