Thursday, December 28, 2023

Holiday Elfchens to Play With

It's post-Christmas time. The quiet in the house adds an extra layer of peace to the holiday spirit, so I find a spot that allows me to just "be" while preparing for a new year.
I wish the little elves (on the shelf) would lend a hand but they only seem to be happy as ornamental fixtures after finishing their job of being keepers of Santa's huge naughty or nice list. 

When I was sent an invitation by the Poetry Sisters,  TanitaLauraMary LeeLizSaraTricia, and Kelly to join their December Challenge I wondered what an elfchen is.  Little did I know that it is a German cinquain. I learned about the Elfchen poem at German With Nicole. An "Elfchen" is a set form, similar to a haiku but it has 11 words, the lines having 1-2-3-4-1 words, respectively.

After writing a few, I found a table on Wikipedia that explains the lines further:

I decided to play with the form earlier this month and these are the ones that I shared on my blog as one of the #PoetryPals.

🌲Holiday Time🌲 

shortens day
earth waits patiently
for a Silent Lght's
©CVarsalona, December 8, 2023

offers wisdom
to all children.
Be nice, not naughty.
©CVarsalona, December 15, 2023

glitter against
December's cold darkness
bringing brightness and hope
©CVarsalona, December 22, 2023

of preparations
and annual rituals
flow quickly throughout December
©CVarsalona, December 28, 2023

After trimming our new tree, I wrote the following Elfchens.
of wonder
leads me onward:
 my  "just be", peaceful
©CVarsalona, December 28, 2023

vintage childpleaser
quick and sly
moving everywhere each day
©CVarsalona, December 28, 2023

sparkles for
New Year celebrations
a blessed stress reducer
©CVarsalona, December 28, 2023

Logo created by Michelle Kogan

Thank you to our Poetry Friday host, Michelle Kogan, who has amazing artistic talents, poetic flair and creativity, and joie de viver. Her post is filled with a beautiful cover illustration, Tufted Coquette and Elfchen Work in Progress, and a variety of Elfchens featuring her family.

Next Week, I shall share a fabulous Holiday Poem Swap 2023 from Janice Scully.
Thank you Tabatha Yeatts for bringing holiday poem gift-swapping to the Poetry Friday community each year. 


  1. Hello Holiday Scribe in words & images, Carol. Luv glimpsing your Christmas spirit & reading the sweet & needed Light of your Elfens.
    Many wishes for more of The Good Stuff in 2024.

  2. (From Tanita) These are just delightful! I especially love the December lights. I have indeed found that the Elf is perfectly happy with the shelf and is utterly useless for picking up. I really feel like if it's going to sit and judge the mess, it ought to jump in and help!!

  3. Oh, my goodness -- these are amazing! You could put together a whole book of these!! The last one is my favorite -- that wordplay as the year tapers off. Delightful....

  4. This is Patricia. You had fun with the form Carol! I’m partial to your star, the just be/guide. What a year of be-ing! Blessings for the coming year!

  5. Festive collection of Elfchen poems- I love the mix of light-hearted and full of the meaning of the season. That Santa photo- so cute! The photo of my daughter with Santa at that age has her “screaming bloody murder!”
    Diane Keeps Writing aka Diane (newtreemom)

  6. It's a bouquet of elchen. The first and last especially speak to me--that patiently waiting earth and then that tapering off of poem, stress, and old year. Beautiful, Carol! Wishing you ease and joy in the New Year!

  7. Liz has it right, Carol. This is a holiday elfchen book! I love each one for the topic you're celebrating, then the wonderful finale, 'taper'! Sending Happy New Year wishes to you!

  8. Wonderful collection of Elfchen's Carol—I like the humor in"Be nice, not naughty," and the pic goes with it so well, and this is wonderful, "a blessed stress reducer/taper," I'll have to remember to light some more candles. Thanks Carol, and for all your kind words—Happy New Year! 🥳

  9. Carol, these are lovely! My favorite is the one that begins with "lights." You did a great job with this form, and thank you for the table explaining how to write them. Happy New Year!

  10. Carol, my goodness--the riches! I like the taper poem best, and I think I need a "just be peaceful guide"--hee hee! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  11. What a collection of elfchen you've written! You captured your holiday in verse! (They're fun and addictive, aren't they?)

  12. Happy New Year, Carol! Isn't the elfchen form fun? Your post is a holiday celebration, so much light.

  13. Carol, what fun you had writing elfchens! I love the holiday ones, especially the "star of wonder" on top of your tree, and the candles "a blessed stress reducer" indeed. Happy new year to you!