Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Collaborate, Engage, Stay Connected with NY Educators

Networking is about collaborating, actively engaging, and connecting with colleagues to learn, validate your beliefs, or affect change in daily practice. It is going beyond the day's work to spend time growing as a professional. In today's connected age, real time conversations happen every day in a Twitter environment. There is no face-to-face talk but there is threaded conversation found in 140 characters. Ten years ago, when I founded the Reflective Pathway community of committed district educators, collegial conversations were face to face or with a small circle of critical friends conversing via a listserv. My conversations today have moved to a more global level through blogging and tweeting where there are no boundaries and no limits to the potential of thoughtful conversations. 

I once again give credit to Tony Sinanis and JoEllen McCarthy for introducing me to the world of 140 character conversations. I "lurked" before cautiously committing to tweeting and blogging, knowing that my thoughts would be in the public domain. But due to the trusting environments of various PLNs, I have moved forward as a connected educator with a small network of educators in New York State, across the states, and even across the seas. 

Beyond these steps, I have now journeyed to become one of five co-moderators of NYedchat. Tonight at the kick off brainstorming session, high energy was felt and a structured approach to developing collaborative talk was discussed. The launch of the 2013-14 edition of #NYedchat is now ready to air on Twitter on October 21, 2013 from 8:30-9:30. I invite you to join Tony Sinanis, Bill Brennan, Blanca Duarte, Vicki Day, and me twice a month to discuss timely topics of interest for New York State educators. With the goal of connecting educators across New York State, NYedchat hopes to build a culture of open conversations, collaboration, and purposeful talk to grow connections and push educators thinking. 

As a group of committed educators, 
we can make a difference. 

All you need to do is tune in to Twitter twice a month on Monday nights to be connected to #NYedchat and share the vision. 

If you are new to Twitter, get a handle (mine is @lady1890) and tweet out replies to various questions posed by moderators.

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