Friday, October 4, 2013

Time to Pause

Do you ever feel inundated by the endless to do tasks or the piles of mail? Is your desk full of mounds of never ending items to read, sort, and file? Sometimes, we need to step back and take a breather from the work we do. As I was reading tweets recently, I came across a thought that needed my immediate response. What I call pausing time was mentioned as a leave of absence. My reply was:

Leaves of absence are a necessary part of the process of growing as educators because it gives you breathing time - time to absorb what is around you - time to linger on conversations and reflect on where you are going - time to ponder the bigger picture. We all need time to step back and reflect. 

When information overloads your circuits, it is time for a temporary leave of absence. I am sure that you will be refreshed and ready to chat, ponder, and reflect when you come back to your tasks at hand. Carve out pausing time to allow for self-assessment. Don't delay.

Of course, I have been thinking that for months but what happens to the paperwork that still keeps piling up. Who takes care of that during pausing time?  Help! 

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