Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reflect, Connect, and Collaborate with NYS Educators

We reflect on past practices. We engage with colleagues. We discuss. We collaborate. We push our thinking. We move to the next level. We become a collective voice of the information age. Gone are the days of the factory model when doors were closed and teachers worked independently of each other. "Technology has taken us to an new level where we can collaborate beyond our wildest imaginations." (Tom Whitby) So, it is time to get connected, build a PLN, and grow as a lifelong learner. Connected Educators is continuing its October campaign to help educators thrive in a connected world. Be part of the movement to connect, collaborate, and build your personal learning network. Be like our students who are asked to notice and wonder. Find a topic, explore your thoughts, and be bold enough to join the conversation. 

Yesterday, I joined the moderating team of Tony Sinanis, Bill Brennan, Blanca Duarte, Vicki Day, and Starr Sackstein to relaunch #NYedchat. The conversation was buzzing about what being connected means and why it is important. Before the conversation started, I read that Twitter has become one of the must-have tools in the educator's toolbox. Stay tuned, stay informed, stay connected slogans to drive conversations are everywhere. So I ask myself, why is Twitter a must have tool? With fast-paced conversation via 140 characters it provides asynchronous professional development. It has opened my doors, impacted my thinking, teaching practices, and learning. Twitter has become a constant source of information and new ideas to examine. Further, it has given me the opportunity to discuss timely topics with educators around the globe. Conversations are fast, articulations well-crafted, and my network is broadened each day. I am humbled by the experience of co-moderating topical conversations that link educator to educator.

If Twitter is a source of information for educators, what is needed is a growing body of educators to become connected. It has been noted by Tony Sinanis that NY educators are under-represented on Twitter. Research did not provide this thought. It is based on his exchanges and connections. Will #nyedchat be able to turn the tide and draw more educators in to the conversation? The moderating team hopes that this will become a reality. As we draw closer to the next NYedchat, please mark November 4, 2013, 8:30 pm on your calendar. Out-of-state educators and parents are welcomed to join the group as was the case with the relaunch event. 

As a collective group of impassioned New York educators, through #nyedchat we can open doors, go beyond the walls of our classrooms/buildings/districts, and bring back fresh ideas. We can engage with a broader range of educators. We can connect with current and new colleagues to learn. In addition, we can join conversations that validate our beliefs and bring about change in daily practice; learn from each other; allow global conversations and perspectives to frame new thinking about education. With one purpose, we can rise like the phoenix, a fire bird igniting the flame that connects us all to the one reason why we came into the profession. 

Join the NYedchat moderators as we soar throughout New York State as one committed body of educators ready to build the next generation of critical thinkers, resolute decision makers, and creative problem solvers. 

Comments are welcomed and can be posted below or on #nyedchat. 

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